Ai Yori Aoshi Review

Published January 27, 2014 by Shay Taree

Ai Yori Aoshi was a really sweet anime that I watched on a whim when I couldn’t think of anything to watch but I was in a romantic anime kind of moon. I had kind of heard a lot about this show and while it is an older anime after reading the synopsis it peeked my interest and made me want to watch more.

The anime is about how Kaoru ends up meeting a girl named Aoi who is his betrothed fiancé and childhood friend. Now he doesn’t know who she is at first but pretty quickly he finds out and when I mean quickly I’m talking about the first episode. But anyway Aoi is much different then other girls since she still wears Kimonos as her regular style of dress but all the same she is a very sweet girl.

Like most animes yes there is drama and there is even some mystery since as the series progress you want to know exactly why Kaoru ran away from his home in the first place.

No there were some moments where I did get bored with the series but the love that Kaoru and Aoi have for each other and the sweet moments they shared kept me watching. Oh as well as the interesting and funny characters that appear as the series continues.

So if your looking for a romantic series with some good fluff but also has the dramatic and mystery with some comedic moments then definitely check out Ai Yori Aoshi

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