New Sports Anime: Haikyu!

Published January 28, 2014 by Shay Taree

So I don’t know about anyone else but I love to watch sports animes and I don’t know why but they are just really interesting to watch.

So far from what I’ve noticed is that there have been sports animes about soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and tennis (I apologize if I missed any). But now a new one is about to come out by the name of Haikyu and it’s about volleyball!

Now I’m still on the Kuroko’s Basketball train but this seems like one anime that I can’t wait to start airing so I can check it out. Haikyu from what I was able to research is about a boy by the name of Shouyou Hinata who loves Volleyball and is beaten in middle school by Tobio Kageyama also known as “King of the Court”. Of course Hinata vows revenge and applies to Karasuno High School and there he joins their volleyball club but as a twist of fate he ends up on the same team as his rival Kageyama.

So there you have it! Haikyu sounds like a really good anime if anyone like myself is starting to like sports animes. So definitely check it out once it’s released.

One comment on “New Sports Anime: Haikyu!

  • A fan of sports anime huh? I noticed in your list you didn’t include karuta (a card game). Have you watched Chihayafuru? I know the concept of an anime about a card game sounds boring but it’s actually quite exciting (well, imho lol), and one of my favourite anime. I think it’s one of the more well-recieved sports anime, also because it mixes shoujo with sports.

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