Mori X Haruhi Shipping

Published January 29, 2014 by Shay Taree

So I love to read fan fiction and I know that it’s something that some anime fans like and some don’t. I tend to enjoy it and even though good well written stories are few and far between some are rather enjoyable.
One thing that I love about them is discovering pairings that you never would have thought would work and then leave you wondering why they won’t get together in the show. This brings me to this topic.

I just got done reading a Ouran High School fanfiction and the pairing was Haruhi and Mori. Now I know that in reality Haruhi and Tamaki are meant to be together but for some reason I seem to like Haruhi and Mori together. Maybe it’s because Mori is quiet but yet is very strong that blends well with Haruhi liking the quiet since her life is so hectic and in some ways wanting to be protected (even though she doesn’t say it). Plus I don’t know about anyone else but Mori is hot but I guess that’s because I like the strong silent types.

But anyway I really like this pairing and hope to read more fan fiction about them in the future. But what do you guys think about this pairing?

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