Aiura Anime Review

Published February 2, 2014 by Shay Taree

I watched this anime quote a bit ago but it still one anime that I think about maybe re watching from time to time. The reason because I did see how great a gem this anime really is and it makes me wish that it was actually even longer or possibly had a second season.

The best way to explain Aiura is that it’s seems like the combination of Hetalia and Lucky Star. Similar to Hetalia Aiura is only 5 minutes long per episodes and like Lucky Star it’s around a group of girls and the day to day mayhem they encounter while in high school. This show is beyond funny and had me laughing from the first episode and even from time to time wondering why I was even watching this. But anyway I loved it all the same.

This is great anime to watch is you just want to watch something that’s funny and you can watch really quickly. I finished this series in one day which was great since I happened to watch it on my day off. But still I’m begging the creators to make another season of this since it was so damn funny!!!!


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