Steins Gate Review!

Published March 13, 2014 by Shay Taree

Now I had heard of this series a while back but it wasn’t something I really wanted to watch at the time. I finally decided to watch it when I was on YouTube and heard one of the English voice actors or voices the main character in the series talk about. That is when I because intrigued into what this show was about and decided to watch it once I had the time.

Steins Gate is about a group of individuals who find out that they are able to send text messages into the past to change the present due to a super microwave. The show starts off with a funny feel definitely due to the main character the scientist Okabe who is arrogant and thinks he’s better than everyone. In a weird way he kind of reminds me of Brain from Pinky and the Brain. But anyway Okabe realizes that every time they send a message that he gets sent to a parallel time where the message sent has came true but he is the only one who remembers what the past was and what has changed. Later on though Okabe starts to see what changing the past can do and sees the consequences that can happen. That’s where the darker element of this show comes into play.

In one scene in the latter half of the series you see Okabe lose his mind due to him trying to save the life of one of his dearest friends which all of a sudden makes him real and no longer the arrogant character that he was before.

No you know me and I love romance so of course this anime has a little but of romance and even a kissing scene (yay!). But overall this series was perfect to watch and had me from the beginning to the end.

So if you like time travel and drama plus even some violence and romance then Steins Gate is a great show to watch.

One comment on “Steins Gate Review!

  • Steins;Gate is a fantastic series and one of my favorite anime. It has such a well-constructed story and I love how everything was planned out from the beginning. The first episode foreshadows a lot and connects brilliantly with the ending, and I know this is one series I’d absolutely love rewatching. S;G seems to be one of the most universally acclaimed anime and I really do feel it deserves it, it does a great job on many levels and it’s one of the few visual novel adaptations that people say did the source material justice. But even then, I really want to play the visual novel since it seems the anime couldn’t quite cover all the material.

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