Chronicles Of The Going Home Club Review

Published March 26, 2014 by Shay Taree

I started this anime about last week but due to going on vacation I wasn’t able to finish it until yesterday. But here goes my review.

This anime is pretty much about a group of girls in high school who don’t join any specific clubs but one where they just get involved in different hijinks after school. They do have their very own club room which is where the scenes mostly take place.

This anime is really funny and fairly short since it’s only 12 episodes and very similar to another anime that I enjoyed. This anime also has a few parodies so try to see how many you can find. I definitely caught the Dragonball z reference as well as a few others. This makes to anime fairly similar to the Student Council’s Discretion with the anime parodies, comedic humor, breaking the 4th wall, and how each episode is it’s own individual story just a bit.

So definitely check out this anime if you haven’t already especially if you enjoyed Student Council’s Discretion.


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