Rukia & Grimmjow Pairing

Published April 9, 2014 by Shay Taree

So I was just looking at some fanfiction to read and I happened to come across a fanfic that had Rukia and Grimmjow as a couple.

Now I’m definitely an Ichigo and Rukia fan (sorry to the Ichigo and Orihime fans). But this got me to thinking about whether or not they could be a couple and what would that be like. In some ways Grimmjow is kind of like Ichigo since he (well to me) has a tough exterior but he can also be kind of nice. Plus Rukia a such a feisty character so I can kind of see this happening and I’m starting to like it. Look out Ichigo, Grimmjow may be trying to take your girl.

But what do you think of this pairing. Feel free to leave your opinions below.


2 comments on “Rukia & Grimmjow Pairing

  • It’s actually quite interesting, I’m an ichiruki fan as well, it does intrigue you to see this odd pairing, Grimmjow as we all know is more violence-loving compared to Ichigo who fights to protect. It sounds pretty challenging for Rukia to handle a character like that and actually fall for him, same with Grimmi who is just as stubborn to collide with her, there’ll be a lot of conflict, and maybe…attraction as well?

  • This is pretty odd to see these two together but in a way you explained, it could happen. I always envision Grimmjow as the “violent” version of Ichigo. Seeing this picture feels like a “Beauty and the Beast” feel. At least the benefits of this fanfiction shows that even Arrancars want love too.

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