Sailor Moon Crystal 1st Episode Review

Published July 5, 2014 by Shay Taree

Alright so I just for done watching the 1st episode of the new Sailor Moon Crystal and I really enjoyed it! I felt like I was that little girl again watching Sailor Moon for the first time. But it didn’t have me feeling like I was watching a little kid show which was a good thing.

The art in the show was amazing to me and I loved the revamped look of the new characters. I’m pretty used to the older style of the old anime but the new one have it a fresh feel.

I also loved how Usagi is just as clumsy in this one as she was in the old one and there was quite a few moments where I was laughing out loud and putting myself in her shoes like when she fell down the stairs. I’ve definitely done that before.

Overall I loved the first episode and can’t wait until the next one and when more of the Sailor Scouts starts to appear.


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