Happy Marriage Manga Review

Published November 11, 2014 by Shay Taree

So I started reading Happy Marriage when I came across the manga in my local bookstore. I was immediately hooked and had to finish this manga and find out what happens. I then downloaded it onto my phone via one of my many manga apps and started reading. So I’m going to post the synopsis and then my review.

Synopsis: Men: they’re the root of Takanashi Chiwa’s problems, which is why she never had the time nor the opportunity to have a boyfriend in her entire life. A full-time office lady and a part-time hostess, she works night and day to pay off her dad’s debt from his failed business. One night at her part-time job, a high-class customer has her fired. Then the next day, she’s called in to see the president—whom she had never even seen before in the office—only to find out she’s to marry him! But what kind of guy is Mamiya Hokuto anyway? Will he become one of Chiwa’s problems, or will he save her from them? And will this marriage even last?!

Art: So art in mangas is a big thing for me since sometimes I’ve seen where the art can cause me to get confused as to what is happening in the series or I get confused as to who is talking due to all the talk bubbles. But this art was very easy to follow along and I wasn’t overwhelmed with talk bubbles that interfered with my experience reading it. The main female lead in the manga is drawn very pretty and she is a very feminine looking character. She looks rather plain looking but I like that since it makes you kind of see yourself in her no matter how you actually look. The main male lead in the show is drawn vet masculine looking. I know that in some shoujo mangas the male lead can be drawn very pretty boyish but this character is drawn very tough and stern looking which you don’t see in very many shoujo mangas.

Story: The story of this manga flowed rather well but I can’t lie I got very tired with the up and down sequence of the story. It was like something bad was always happening to the characters and then there was high point but then something else bad would happen. It was a constant play on my emotions which I sometimes liked but than at other times I would hang my head and be like when is this going to be over. But the story did give a very satisfying ending which made the constant up and down of emotions worth it.

Characters: So there are quite a few characters in this manga but I’m only going to talk about the main lead characters. The female lead while she was very strong she had moments where it was like she didn’t know what she wanted and kept flip flopping with what she wanted from the main male lead. But I can’t lie through all that I could still find myself in her. Now the male lead was a very strong character and at time came of cold but that is what made him attractive. Now over the course of the manga his character did change and he became more loving and opened up more but would go back to being cold but it made you as reading crave and want to see more of his loving side.

So that is my review and I hope you guys check out this manga because it is really good.

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