Free Eternal Summer Review

Published November 25, 2014 by Shay Taree

So I just finished the 2nd season of Free with was titled Free Eternal Summer. I was definitely looking forward to watching the 2nd season of this show since I did honestly enjoyed the 1st season.

So the 2nd season had the same list of characters that was in the 1st season but they did introduce 2 substantial new characters to the series and that was Momotaro Mikoshiba who is the younger brother of Seijuurou Mikoshiba who if you remember is the captain of Sametsuka Academy. Momotaro was definitely some of the new comic relief for this series since he is really funny and he introduction into the show was one you can’t honestly forget.
Another new character is Sousuke Yamazaki who is an old friend of Rin and actually swam with him when they were in middle school. He’s a little bit of a sullen character and I could help but not exactly like him due to the fact that he has a very strange and rude confrontation with Haruka. He also has an underlying issue that you will find out about in the later half of the series. But regardless he is also a very hot character like the rest of them.

I know that one of the complaints that I heard a lot of during the 1st season of this show is that there wasn’t a lot of depth to the actual plot and many people found it to be kind of boring or that it mostly focused on how hot the guys were. But during the 2nd season I was very surprised with how emotional the season was.

This season was very much about the boys futures and what they were going to do once high school was over. Which I can understand because many times you don’t know really what you want to do after high school. The person that seems to have the hardest time with it is Haruka since he only really wants to swim and that is what his entire focus is on.

Towards the end of the series though you do see a change in Haruka’s attitude and he is more kept to himself and a lot more angry when people ask him about what is wrong or about his future. It seems to be something that he doesn’t want to discuss or think about even though he knows that he has too.

Once he figures out his decision thanks to Rin which is definitely a surprise he becomes a much happier guy. While before Haruka was a very kept to himself character and didn’t say a lot of words but after he realizes where he went wrong he starts to crack a few smiles and laugh freely. He also apologizes to the friends that he ended up hurting when he was in that terrible mood of his.

At the end of the series I also couldn’t help shedding a few tears since at the end of series Haruka, Makoto, and Rin were going on with their lives since they have now graduated. It was definitely an emotional ending to this series and I didn’t think I would cry.

But overall I really did enjoy the 2nd season a lot more then the 1st since the plot had some twist and turns that I didn’t see coming and also you got to see into the minds of the characters a lot more. So if you are on the fence about watching the 2nd season of Free I say you should definitely check it out because I was very surprised.

Happy watching!

2 comments on “Free Eternal Summer Review

  • I have to say, I kind of forced myself through the first season. It was so worth it for the second season though. It was really great. I’m glad I’m not the only one who cried a little xD

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