SMC Episode 12 Review!

Published December 30, 2014 by Shay Taree

So as we all know the most recent episode of Sailor Moon Crystal aired a few weeks ago and I have to say that this episode was definitely one of the more exciting ones due to the fighting that was going on.

Although I still can’t help but not entirely like where exactly this show is going. I miss the wacky, crazy, humor side of the show and I don’t see that with this new series.

Now I know that this show is based off the manga but even so myself and one of my friends had to check and see if what had all happened was in the manga since I was a little rusty on the manga contents. But anyways this is a review about episode 12.

Now in episode 12 after it looks like Queen Beryl is defeated after revealing that she was in love with Mamoru during their past lives and was stabbed by Venus. Mamoru runs away and Usagi changes after him where they go to the brisk north.

She continually tries to get Mamoru to come back to hear by using the locket that she has and then ultimately brings him into a kiss and then stabs herself. This is where the episode ends and I couldn’t help but have a look of shock on my face when that happened.

While I haven’t been overall really liking this series that part definitely makes me want to watched the next episode. But did you guys this of last weeks episode? Also would you guys like me to post more since I only post on here twice a week?

So leave your comments below regarding both questions and happy watching!

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