Saddest Anime Scenes 😞

Published January 8, 2015 by Shay Taree

Now many of us have watched our variety of anime and some have scenes that get us pretty choked up. While some scenes just get you upset and make you feel down there are a few others that honestly make you shed some tears or cry uncontrollably. Trust me I’ve had a few of these moments. Now I just want to say that there may be a few spoilers of you haven’t seen the anime’s that I mention.

So I’m going to list 4 different anime scenes that made me cry or made me sad.

1. The flashback scene in Naruto after he defeats Pein and it shows just how badly he was treated.

This episode totally made me upset with everyone in the village with how they were treating Naruto. While I understood that they were scared they shouldn’t have treated an innocent child like that.

2. The final scene in Anohana when they are playing hide and seek trying to find Menma and they finally do. This is also the scene when all of the kids are able to seen Menma for the first time.

Now Anohana was just a rolle coaster of feelings from episode one so it was no surprise when this episode made me cry. All the drama finally ends in the series and it doesn’t make it any easier when all the kids are saying bye to Menma, crying themselves and also read all their letters from Menma. I was just a completely overly crying mess at the end of this.

3. The scene in Angel Beats when Kanade and Otanashi are saying their final goodbyes.

Once again this was a series that had a lot of sad moments throughout but this scene definitely got me because Otanashi really wanted Kanade to stay. Its also when they both kind of reveal they have feelings for eachother. This was definitely one show where I was glad no one was home to see the crying blubbering mess I became.

4. The crying in Daddy’s arm scene in Clannad After Story.

This is the scene where Tomoyo finally meets his daughter Ushio after 5 long years and they go on a trip together. During the trip Tomoya starts to realize several things which causes him to feel better about his daughter and want to have a relationship with her. In the end Ushio and Tomoya start to cry and Ushio says that line that made me cry which was “Cause Sanae she told me the only times I can cry are when I’m in the bathroom…or when I’m in Daddy’s arms…”

Alright so those are 4 anime scenes that either made me really sad or made me cry. So what are yours? Comment them below and once again happy watching!

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