Dropping Anime’s

Published January 13, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I know that at one time another we have all started watching an anime where it’s not what we thought. Whether it’s because of the plot, the characters, or the art style isn’t something we are used to. When this happens sometimes we just continue to watch the show with hopes that it will get better or sometimes we drop the show entirely and just stop watching it.

For me I usually try to finish a show regardless of how I feel about it but there have been three instances where I have ended up dropping an anime.

This first one was an anime called Chocotto Sister. I dropped this anime a long time ago but I believe the reason why I dropped it was because the show wasn’t really going anywhere and it didn’t hold my interest. I did read the manga that this anime is based off of and that was definitely more enjoyable than the anime.

The second one was an anime named Hiiro No Kakera Dai Ni Shou. I remember watching the first season of this show and I didn’t exactly enjoy the first season but I got through it. When I started watching the second season I was hoping for something different to happen but it was still the same thing and it wasn’t holding my interest. It was a romance show but I wasn’t seeing a lot of romance.

The last anime that I dropped was Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun. Now this anime I just had no idea where it was going and I just didn’t enjoy it. I sometimes do think that I should give it another try and maybe I will but I’m still thinking about that.

So those are the anime’s that I have dropped and why. So what makes you decide to drop an anime and why? Also what anime’s have you dropped? Comment below and let me know. Also once again happy watching!

11 comments on “Dropping Anime’s

  • I can understand from your point of view of dropping certain animes I think I’ve dropped 3 animes ever out of my whole years of being an fan šŸ˜›

    It’s a shame to hear about Hiiro no kakera it’s one of my favorite series. I know season one is a little slow and that still bugs me but the next part makes up for it all and LOTS OF ROMANCE IN IT I do recommend maybe watching the next part if you ever feel like it. It is good I promise

  • You’re not alone. I long stopped trying to endure what were obviously dull series. Life is short, so live it to fullest by watching the best shows out there.

    Dropping shows depends greatly on my mood. If I’m not feeling it, I’ll stop and move on to the next show. There will be times, however, when I’ll pick the dropped series again.

    Hmmm. I remember losing interest with Kamigami Asobi & Starry Sky–both being gyaku harems. I like this genre but was terribly disappointed with these 2.

  • Boring dull anime ofc. But i do give them 3 or 4 eps before dropping, thinking maybe something might change or the anime starts moving on or something (i always get disappointed though). Gekkan shoujo, i really liked that one, its random and doesn’t have a story to follow but its funny and kinda new to me. So, maybe you should give it another shot?

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