Anime Reboots!

Published January 24, 2015 by Shay Taree

Since the anime Sailor Moon got its reboot with Sailor Moon Crystal and also Dragon Ball Z got a reboot with Dragon Ball Z Kai I’ve been wondering what other anime’s should have a reboot.

One anime that came to mind was Cardcaptor Sakura.

That was an amazing show and I would love to see what they can do with it to make it even better. One of the main things I could think of is that if they did reboot it and then make a dub of it, it would be keeping the original names. As we all know when the dub was released a few of the names of the characters were changed. For example Sakura’s best friends name was changed to Madison which I didn’t understand.

Also what about if Pokemon got a reboot!

Now I think that would be awesome! I would love to see Ash age, I would love to see him fall in love (with Misty preferably)

2015/01/img_8639.jpg (credit to the artist)
, and I would love to see it follow the manga more. Also just so everyone knows I haven’t read the manga but I do plan to so don’t worry. I’ve heard good things about it so I hope it’s good. Okay now I’m getting off topic but anyway wouldn’t it be awesome to see Pokemon get redone with a more adult edge to it. Well I think it would be cool.

But anyway that was just one of the things that I had just thought about in this crazy brain of mine. But what do you all think about these shows getting a reboot or just reboots in general. I would love to know!

Happy Watching ~ Anime Reviewer Girl!

2 comments on “Anime Reboots!

  • That would be interesting, a Pokemon reboot. I can really see Ash and Misty pair up. I like reboots in anime, it helps improve the story. Anime like Dragon Ball Z Kai for example; Dragon Ball Z Kai cut out the filler and really speed up the series and in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the anime really followed the manga all the way to the end. It did better than the ending from the movie, The Conqueror of Shamballa.

    • I would love to have a Pokemon reboot! I think it would be awesome to see Ash grow up and see Misty come back. But some reboot have definitely been good like Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. But some not so great.

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