Anime 30 Day Challenge: Day 29 Of 30

Published January 31, 2015 by Shay Taree

Day 29: An anime you wished was real?

Hmmmmmm as I’ve noted before I’ve seen a lot of anime’s and each one is so vastly different that imagining it as real took some narrowing down.

While I love the romance anime’s I feel like those could be real life regardless depending on the romance anime. For thrillers while exciting I doubt I would make it to the end since I’d probably try and run away first.

So that leaves an adventure anime and in this case I decided to go with Inuyasha

because well it has a little bit of everything. It has adventure since you would be traveling back and forth between the present and feudal Japan, thriller because well you can of course die, and then of course there is romance since who wouldn’t try and win over Sesshomaru!

So that is my pick for today’s question and once again I extend the question to the followers of my blog. What anime do you wish was real? Comment below with an answer and of course I will always answer back since you are all also my friends. So…..

Happy Watching ~ Anime Reviewer Girl!

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