Anime Isn’t Just For Kids!

Published February 7, 2015 by Shay Taree

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has gone through trying to explain to someone usually an adult in their family about why anime isn’t just for kids.

For me that person is my dad because he can’t completely understand exactly why I like anime so much but he is starting to understand. He is only starting to understand because I showed him a few different shows like Shin-Chan, Bleach, and also Death Note.

But one thing that never gets old (well actually yeah it does) is whenever I tell people I want anime they immediately think of Pokemon.

Now I have nothing against Pokemon because I love the show but not all anime’s are like Pokemon.

Anime is a specific genre and within the genre there are other categories such as romance, mystery, horror, thriller, martial arts, drama and much more.

Don’t get me wrong I can see why people automatically think of Pokemon and that’s because it’s an anime that is very mainstream and many people know about it. But the way people say it when I tell them I watch anime is what makes me very perturbed because anime is so much more than that. It’s like when they say that they think of me as a little kid when I’m obviously not.

Anime’s such as Death Note

and Elfen Leid

are by no means for kids due to the topic and in Elfen Leid’s case the violence involved. So when I’m faced with that awkward you watch anime conversation I point out a few that aren’t for kids.

But what do you guys do when in that situation or how do you feel when someone thinks anime is kiddish due to some mainstream anime’s. Leave you comments below and let me know.

Happy watching ~ Anime Reviewer Girl!

9 comments on “Anime Isn’t Just For Kids!

  • my life exactly! I’m so tried of explaining that there are anime’s that are not for kids, for my family and to be exact ‘cousins’. everytime we meet and they see me watch anime or browse something related to anime, it starts “are you a kid?” ugh. I’m just sick of explaining over and over again. but in the end i don’t care let them say whatever they want, my life and i choose what to do with it. anime banzai! thank you for posting this i feel that i’m not the only one whos facing this problem. ❤

    • Yes! I really hate that! I also hate that sometimes I have to hide my interest since there are people in my family who continually say things about it. I’m starting not to care what people think about my interests in general but I wish my people would research it before judging it. But your very welcome and thank you for reading my posts. I’m glad to see that someone else understands as well.

  • Yep, when ever I hear people say, “oh I know what anime is, its pokemon”, ha ha, I hate it. When people think its meant for kids and instantly think to there self that Anime is literately pokemon I wish I can just flip out on everyone of them lol . (just kidding, but it really is annoying though). Well at least I can relate to someone, thanks XD !

    • Yes I’ve had that flip off moment where I’ve wanted to show other people what anime can really be like and it’s not only Pokemon. You very welcome and well and I’m glad that I’m not the only one that has experienced this.

  • You are not alone! My dad and my sister judges me for watching anime and they would call it “childish”. I can’t really blame them since anime and cartoon are always closely link with one another, which is that they are meant for kids.

    However now they don’t really call it “childish”, and are pretty accepting of my anime hobbies. I think it had to do with the fact that my parents enjoy seeing me happy when I watch anime. In fact, my parents even suggest I go study abroad in Japan since I’m fascinated with Japanese culture (which is a great shock to me since my parents(esp. my dad) hate the Japanese because of their invasion of China.)

    • Yeah my mom definitely understands more than my dad and my dad is starting to understand more after see a few of the shows I watch that aren’t Pokemon.

  • My family accepts the fact I like anime but they usually think the characters are “weird Chinese characters”. I mention anime to someone, I usually mention Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, or Naruto.

    • Yeah I mention those too since those are ones that people know the most. Also that’s kind of funny because my mom calls them “blue people” I have no idea why.

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