New Big 3 Anime? ⎛◕̯◕⎞

Published February 19, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I remember that at one point everyone would mention that the big 3 mainstream anime were Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

Well I was wondering if anyone thinks that this has changed especially since Bleach is now over.

I think it has and if I had to say what the big 3 anime are now I would still say Naruto

but then I would have to add on Attack On Titan

and Sword Art Online.

I’m only adding those two because they are now shows that many people are watching even if they aren’t very big into anime. I’ve also kept Naruto on there since Naruto even though the manga is over there are still many that watch the anime.

But what do you guys think? What did you all think of the big 3 anime before and what anime’s do you consider to be the big 3 now? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to here your opinion on this topic.

Happy Watching! ~ Anime Review Girl!

20 comments on “New Big 3 Anime? ⎛◕̯◕⎞

  • I would agree. When looking at the best sellers list for the New York Times, I do not think I see One Piece or Bleach make it, but Naruto is always there. I was recently thinking of this too. But I agree, One Piece and Bleach are no longer in the big three. At the same time, Naruto, will probably not be there for much longer with the manga over. Then SAO, it feels like in another year or two it will not be as popular, unless a third season happens. But AoT will probably be the new Big 3 for several more years, just because it is still growing in popularity even though the first season ended.

    • Yup I also agree. I think SAO has a little longer of being a big 3 but then after probably Kill La Kill or Psycho Pass may take its place. Bleach may come back if another series is ever made. But like you said it’s going to be awhile before Attack On Titan is no longer a big 3

      • Psycho Pass, I do not think it could, since both SAO and AoT where both on Tunami, I think it has something to do with going on there to be popular state side. I could picture maybe Akame ga Kill, but I think it might still be too soon to say. Kill la Kill has potential, but it feels like it needs to be a series that is longer and is ongoing rather then an original work and have some sort of source material. But I could agree with Bleach if it ever comes back.

      • Yeah that is true. Generally anime that have become apart of the big 3 do show on television usually Toonami.

      • Yes!!! Everyone has been wanting Toonami to add Fairy Tail to their line up and I’m sure if they did it would become even more popular than it is now.

      • It might even help get back the hours that they recently lost too. So many people are just wondering why they have not added it. Fairy Tail fits Toonami, with the comedic and fighting balance that a lot of shows on toonami have.

      • Yeah that is true. I also wish that Toonami would branch out with the shows they air on there since that may also get more people watching.

      • I wish Toonami would show some of the shorter anime’s. I remember at one point, they showed series like Samurai Champloo, but it seems those days are long gone. I think if they showed Fairy Tale it would really take off, as would SAO (love both!). But I wish that some other series could get in there. Like Soul Eater (thoroughly enjoyed) or Angel Beats or We Without Wings. And frankly, I’m hoping that Unbreakable Machine-Doll takes off (Funimation just got all 12 of the dubbed episodes this week). And of course, Assassination Classroom. That looks like it’s going to do well. But I thought the same thing of Deadman Wonderland…. Shows what I know. 🙂

      • Yeah I also thought Inuyasha the final act was going to take off and I think it would have if the time wasn’t so late.

  • I would agree those 3 are the most popular ongoing anime and manga. However I disagree with you on SAO and AoT because I think these two anime/manga are just current trends. I doubt they will ever have a lasting cultural impact compare to the big animes. You also forgot to mention Dragon Ball Z, Yugiyoh and Pokemon which I believe are also the top anime tier.

    For me, I think Fairy Tail is up in line to becoming one of the big animes. It is very similar to One Piece and has all the shounen elements in it. In fact I think for Fairy Tail, a new anime, to breech the top big animes is pretty amazing in a way. It been a while since new anime titles actually make the top list. Even D. Gray man couldn’t make the top list and I was rooting for it.

    • I honestly didn’t thing D. Gray Man was going to be apart of the big 3. I guess it’s because the series stopped dub wise half way through and the manga hasn’t been updated in a while.

      Yeah I can see SAO and AOT being around for a little bit and not being a big deal in the long run but I definitely agree with Fairy Tail being among the big 3.

      • In the beginning of it all, I felt D. Gray Man could have made it into the higher tier of anime. However I think it was cause of how the author started to suffer from some hand issues that the manga is currently on hold and the anime itself has stopped. Not only that, I heard that the author had trouble working with a certain publisher so… All these elements prevented it from being top tier, but seriously the plot and the character in depth analysis could have made them into the top tier. It really had potential, in my opinion, because it is such a good well thought out anime!! SUCH A SHAME!

        Oh just remember anime that could be top tier… Death Note and Code Geass. Though they don’t have the same amount of power like the top 3 animes, they do have a considerable impact toward people as oppose to SAO or AoT. People still refer to them as really complex and amazing animes. I think what came out of it more likely is the character’s popularity… Lelouch, Suzaku, L, and Light Yagami.

        Oh as I was writing, I realized that the top 3 animes and the current trend anime have one thing in common which is their uniform and outfits. Naruto with their ninja wear, Bleach with their black kimono, One Piece with their unique outfits, Fairy Tail with their unique outfit design as well, SAO with their outfits , and AOT with their military outfits. WOAHHH. HAHA I got so into writing this. 😀

      • Lol I’m glad that you got very into writing about this topic because you brought up things I honestly didn’t think about. Death Note can definitely be considered a top tier anime since it is very much referred to. But the only thing is that I realized is that it’s top tier for mostly fans who are already fans of anime. But Naruto, Bleach, & One Piece were top tier and recognized by fans who weren’t necessarily fans of anime but just happened to watch those shows. It’s kind of like how Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z are recognized. A lot of people know what these shows are or may have watched an episode even though they aren’t necessarily an anime fan.

        So I think there can be 2 top tiers. A top tier for anime fans and a top tier for the general public. The anime fan tier is constantly changing since there are so many different shows airing and what have already been released. But the general public tier can stay the same for years based on what’s airing on mainstream television.

      • YES YES YES!!! I AGREE! It makes more sense to have two top anime tiers rather than one because of how there are a lot of animes that made an impact to anime world. It would make sense to put SAO and AoT here in the anime tier for anime fans rather than the anime tier for the public audience. It’s cause you can’t deny how SAO and AoT have impacted even though its’ initial impact is getting lesser and lesser. However they did leave a mark into the anime work like Code Geass and Death Note.

      • Exactly. I know several people who have watched Death Note and loved it but aren’t necessarily big into anime.

      • Well don’t blame them since Death Note is a really interesting anime. A totally different concept from your average anime

  • One Piece is still going strong, but I don’t know what current shows would join it as part of the big three. SAO was popular when it first came out, but I get the vibe that season two didn’t equal its success. Attack on Titan is a huge hit (no pun intended) although I fear that interest in it will wane due to the time it is taking for season two to come out.

    • Yeah season 2 of SAO definitely made the popularity wane and Attack on Titan to me is still going strong but the popularity may also wane over time but it possibly may pick back up if and when season 2 gets released.

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