Anime Amino App Review

Published February 24, 2015 by Shay Taree

So today’s post is on an anime app that I’ve actually been using for quite a few years now and I think that others would also enjoy it.

It’s called Anime Amino and it’s basically a social network for anime fans. 

It’s where anime fans can post about anything and everything that is anime related. There are chat rooms, forums, messages, and also opinion polls. It’s just an overall fun app.

I got this app since quite a few of my friends weren’t into anime and I wanted to find other people who were as interested in anime like I was. I’ve definitely made a lot of friends and I’ve also came across anime’s that I didn’t know about.
So if your looking for an app where you can meet more anime fans, make friends, find out about more anime shows, or find out about new shows then definitely download this app.
It’s definitely available in the App Store for iPhone. So far as I know it’s not available for android but I may be wrong. There also quite a few amino apps on different topics so you can definitely check those out as well. 
Alright so that’s my post on anime amino. Let me know if any of you have this app and what you think of it and if you don’t let me know what you think of the concept. So leave a comment down below.  

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