Illegally Downloading Or Streaming Anime ¯\(°_o)/¯

Published February 26, 2015 by Shay Taree

So this topic is one that can cause some controversy I guess and it’s about illegally downloading or streaming anime. Now I can already see the looks that many people have on their faces but I think that it is an interesting topic.

Now for me I before did illegally stream my anime due to various reasons. Mostly the reason was that I couldn’t find the anime I wanted to watch on the legal sites so I went there and plus I didn’t know what it was doing to the industry. It wasn’t until I did my research that I realized this. 
Now I know that some may not agree with me or may have their own reasons for doing what they do and that’s fine. But this was my reason and now I try my best not to illegally stream my anime.
There are several different sites to stream anime legally and they are: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, Anime News Network, Funimation’s website, Crunchyroll, and Daisuki. Now I know that a majority of these websites require a membership but some of these also don’t. I know that before I could get a subscription to Funimation and Crunchyroll I would still watch series that had previously aired. 
Now I can definitely say that the legal sites and companies like Funimation are doing a great job of getting anime to us quickly. Even by now dubbing an episode fairly quickly instead of you having to wait 6 months to a year for the dub to come out. 
But let me know what you all think about this topic. Just comment down below and like always I will answer back.
Happy Watching! ~ Anime Reviewer Girl

25 comments on “Illegally Downloading Or Streaming Anime ¯\(°_o)/¯

  • I have to agree. Although I rarely buy series anymore, I’m content to pay for Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Funimation to get my fix. It allows companies to know that the series are popular and that there is a massive audience for things like this. And this way, they’ll keep producing and dubbing and sharing and I’ll keep watching. 🙂

    • Similar to you I rarely buy anime DVDs anymore but that’s mostly due to where I would buy my DVDs have a smaller collection. But I also don’t mind paying for me to watch my anime since like you said it helps show the different companies what anime’s are popular. I know that anime’s like D-Gray Man were very popular but since not many people bought the DVDs it gave the assumption it wasn’t so Funimation stopped dubbing it.

      • I wish that it wasn’t completely motivated by money. You can’t always determine a series popularity by how much merchandise people buy. And I’m still disappointed that Deadman Wonderland was canceled because it didn’t have a large enough Japanese audience. My understanding is that it’s quite popular other places.

        But, sadly, profit rules the world.

      • Yeah I also don’t like that. Some anime’s that I’ve really liked ended up ending or weren’t finish due to viewership or merchandise sells. Which sucks!

      • It leaves you hanging forever and ever and ever….. I’m still mad about Samurai Jack (sorry, just wrote a post about that so I’m kinda hung up on the series at the moment) and that was over 10 years ago. Wish they knew that we fans never let this stuff go.
        As the worst Japanese threat goes: “I’ll never forgive you.”

      • Yes I really hate that! It reminds me of Fruits Basket and the same goes for D. Gray Man! Ugh so frustrating sometimes!

  • I use a site called Anime Rush, they put up new episodes of anime as soon as it airs in japan so no waiting or anything and it is already subbed after a day so it’s pretty convenient if you don’t have Crunchy Roll or something, I am gonna open a CR account though 🙂

  • The issue for me about anime is that legal sites take forever to sub the anime so I depend on fansubs. I know I should be supportive of anime sites that legally stream but they are limited on the animes they do stream so I am forced to watch animes illegal. It can be applied to manga as well where author encourages you to buy the physical copy, however a lot of the manga haven’t been published in english so I would have to use mangahere, and other various illegal streaming sites to read it.

    Not only that, for me I actually like the illegal streaming sites because it allows me a glimpse of the merchandize. For instance, me watching Code Geass illegally (I wanted to watch it on Crunchyroll but they weren’t caught up on the new releases) encouraged me to buy the product (when I have money). I guess you could say I like to see the product before I buy it. It’s because I know I will be satisfy with the product. I know I will re watch over and over.

    It can be apply to a lot things besides just anime such as music, books, manga, movies, etc.

    • Yes that is true but thankfully a lot of sites are trying to change that. I know Funimation actually has the new episode available pretty soon after airing in Japan and they have recently started dubbing series very quickly as well. I’ve tried the try before you buy with a few series but then it became a try and then never buy especially since unless you buy the DVD online there aren’t that many places that you can buy from via retail stores such as best buy.

      • That’s true. It is difficult to come across anime merchandises especially in a country where anime isn’t part of the popular culture.

        Going back to the earlier topic of supporting anime via legally streaming sites, it made me think of Legend of Korra. I heard it was removed from television because of the lack of viewership. Instead they put the episode up on a legal website rather than their viewers watch it illegally. 😀

      • That’s really neat that they did that since I’m sure more people were viewing it online instead of in the network.

  • I buy tons of anime, but I still using streaming sites to make sure a show is decent before I put money down on it. Sadly many of the streaming sites you mention are not available in my country.

    Funimation are disliked in Europe because they have the habit of buying European rights to a show, but only releasing it in the States.

    • Oh wow I didn’t know that. For me I don’t buy as much anime since it’s not as available in stores so the streaming site I mentioned are a great alternative. Although I still buy some series of it’s something I really want. For example the Viz release of Sailor Moon.

  • I use crunchyroll, but some shows are not available in my region (England) . If I cannot get it on crunchy I use though you have to wait a little while for subs 🙂

    • Trust me I know how it feels to really want to watch a show only to then realIze that it’s not available where you usually watch your shows.

    • That’s okay because I’ve definitely done that too when a site I like to watch my anime on don’t have a show I really want to watch.

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