What Makes Someone An Anime Fan?

Published March 2, 2015 by Shay Taree

This is something that I’ve always wondered but what exactly makes someone an anime fan? I mean is it how they look, how much anime merchandise they have, or could it be how much they know about anime?

The reason why I’m asking this question is because I’ve had people say to me when they find out I like anime that I don’t look like an anime fan. I don’t exactly understand what that means but I took it for that it means that I’m not someone they thought would like anime. Which is weird to me because I didn’t know that you needed to look a certain way for you to like or enjoy something.
Also it makes me wonder that would someone who doesn’t own a lot of anime merchandise be looked as less of fan than someone who has a lot of anime merchandise? The same goes for someone who has seen a lot of different kinds of anime and someone who has only really watched mainstream anime such as Bleach and Naruto?
I guess my definition of an anime fan is just someone that enjoys and respects the medium of what it is. To me you don’t have to look a certain way to enjoy anime. You don’t have to own a lot of merchandise to be a fan and you don’t have to have watched every anime out there to be a fan either. 
But what are your thoughts about this topic? I would definitely love to know. Comment down below about what you think and like always I will answer back. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

75 comments on “What Makes Someone An Anime Fan?

  • I’ve never understood the thought that an anime fan is supposed to look a certain way or buy certain merchandise or watch every series out there. To me, if you enjoy even an occasional series, you’re a fan. Period.

  • I do not really look for what they look like or what they own. It feels like it relies on how much they watch. I view someone who is a casual fan of anime is someone that has only seen about 25 series, then again I have seen over 200, so that is I look in it in a sense, but other then that I really do not know, since how I look at it mostly refers to what kind of fan you are.

    • That definitely makes sense. Since as a fan you may have more in common with someone that’s seen more series compared to those that have seen very little series.

      • At the same time, in real life you probably would not know I was an anime fan if unless I told you. Most of my cloths tend to be rock shirts or a superhero shirt. So, I agree, with looking the part that you mentioned. I think this is a question that is a little hard to ask in a way.

      • Yeah it is a hard question to ask. Many people don’t think I’m and anime fan since I can be really girly and I love makeup but I’m also really nerdy. But it’s a question that I had been wondering about.

  • Same here. I think the people who told you that you don’t look like an anime fan have preconceived notions of how an anime fan is supposed to look like some extreme otaku. I describe myself as an anime fan, but like you people don’t associate it with me when they first see me. I have an uncle who’s an accountant and he’s also an anime fan.

  • I think that people without knowing me would not know that I enjoy anime. Voice actor, Greg Ayers, did a good panel at Anime Midwest last year called: “Why your fandom sucks”. He did this not to attack what people liked, but how they acted as fans (exclusivity, condescension) at conventions. His main point being: you like a thing and consider yourself a fan: Great! Just don’t be a jerk and let others enjoy themselves as well. It was a good panel.

    • That does sound like a good panel I will definitely look it up. I love Greg Ayers panels! But from what I’m noticing about the topic and the comments I’m getting is that there definitely isn’t a specific look when it come to liking anime and being a fan of something and I think that’s awesome!

  • I really do not like labels and labelling, that being said, I do not think there exists a concrete definition of an anime fan. I guess if you consider yourself as such, then you are 🙂

    • I really like that and I don’t think there is either since so far everyone that I met that like anime is so different from me and everyone else.

  • I think a lot of people’s interpretation/image of an “anime fan” is someone that obviously is nerdy and sports on anime merchandise. It’s like the physical aspect of it, because I can tell you that a lot of people I know never thought I was an anime fan. I don’t advertise I’m an anime fan, but rather I talk about anime.

    Also the idea of what makes you an anime fan is very subjective. There are people who believe if you can financially support an anime, you are a true anime fan. It’s cause fans are “money base” for animes, and if you can’t contribute you are not an anime fan.

    However I disagree with this idea and believe anybody can be an anime fan if they themselves identify as an anime fan. For instance, I consider myself an anime fan cause I watch over 100 series and read over 300 mangas. Even though I can’t financially support my favorite anime/ manga series currently/on the daily basis, it doesn’t mean I’m less as a fan.

  • Me personally, I believe as long as you like and respect whatever it is you are watching then its up to you wether you consider yourself a fan or not and that others should just accept your decision.

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