Sword Art Online II Review

Published March 3, 2015 by Shay Taree
So literally as I’m writing this I have quite a few tears in my eyes. Thankfully I didn’t completely lose it because I didn’t feel like re-doing my eye makeup but still I was pretty close.
But anyways I just finished season 2 of Sword Art Online and I actually really enjoyed it but honestly there were moments where I was like seriously where is this going. This was mostly during the later half of the show so don’t worry.
Now the beginning half of the show I enjoy so much because there was so much action. Kirito of course has to go inside another VRMMO game to figure out how players are once again not only dying in the game but also in real life. The game is called Gun Gale Online or GGO. Now I will say that the funniest moment is when Kirito sees what his avatar looks like. That moment had me laughing for a while. There he meets a girl and she has her own crazy past that honestly if that was me I have no idea what I would do. 

Now the 2nd half of the series is where things became very slow at parts. I wasn’t for sure what the point of it was but all I know if that there was a lot of drama going on especially concerning Asuna and her mother. It wasn’t until the last 5 or 6 episodes that I started to get back into it again when another player by the name of Yuuki and her guild the Sleeping Knights were introduced.

Now this is where things got really sad and I’m definitely not going to spoil it for you so don’t worry but definitely go and watch it to find out what happens.
One of the things that I really liked about this series though that I didn’t notice until the end was that the later half mostly focused on Asuna and Kirito became a background character which I actually really liked. We as the viewers got to know more about Asuna, her personality, and also her fears. Which in the end made Asuna more relatable because you realized that she isn’t perfect and had her faults too.

Now the music in season 2 was actually pretty good. I loved the opening and ending songs but I especially loved the ending song later half of the series since it for the atmosphere of what was going on during the time and made you sadder. 
Overall I really enjoyed this series even though there were moments where I wanted to just stop watching it. So I’ll give this show an 8/10 since the slow parts in the middle was a hurdle to get through but then the show redeemed itself towards the end. Now I’m going to go and watch something funny so I can stop being sad about this show.
So like always comment down below what you thought about Sword Art Online II and also this review. I will always answer back!
~Anime Reviewer Girl!

60 comments on “Sword Art Online II Review

  • I wasn’t such a big fan of the first half, I think they could have done Sinon better. But the second half, god I loved it! I read the light novels, and even still it was soo good seeing Yuuki and Asuna together 🙂

    • Really that is a different take then I thought. I want to read the light novels too. But yes the 2nd half got better after a while for me.

      • I actually thought that the Excalibur arc was pretty good however. It really captured the whole MMO feel nicely, which was something that SAO had been neglecting. It was a nice lighthearted break between two fairly serious storylines.

      • Yeah I guess that is true. I guess I was just expecting more action throughout the whole series since the first season was kind of like that.

  • Loved the second half of this season soo much.. was kinda gutted when asuna (favourite character) took a back seat in ggo but made up for it in the second half.

    and i agree with dragonslayer akame ga kill had me wanting to throw the dvd out of the window (I got quite upset)

    • Yes I was glad to see more of Asuna in the 2nd half. But wow it seems like this might be the next show that I watch since it seems that this show has many people up in arms about it.

    • Hmmm haven’t seen that show. But one show that I watched that was really funny actually was Panty and Stocking. So if your in the mood for something funny that’s a good one. Also Steins Gate was a good show of your in the mood for something more sci-fi ish.

  • I really need to finish this season. It was an accidental drop, mostly because I went on vacation with no internet for a week and missed two episodes. But this is one show I have been meaning to get back to. This is just a good reminder.Plus I want to see SAO redeem itself for once, I was a little disappointed at the end of season one where it felt a little incomplete.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. I think you will enjoy it. Like I said there were some slow moments but it redeemed itself towards the end.

      • Yeah the slow moments almost made it stop watching it. But once you past those episodes it definitely gets better.

      • Yeah definitely pick up where you left off. Also then you can marathon it all the way through.

      • That was what happened with season 1, I marathoned the first 18 or so episodes and caught up to where it was airing, a part of me wanted to do it with this season, only I forgot.

      • That’s okay. I love to marathon my series. It’s rare that I watch a series while it’s airing but at the moment I’m doing that with 2 series and I hate having to wait.

      • Personally I am more used to watching shows as they air, and am starting to find it hard to find shows to marathon. I find it easy with Log Horizon, and a few others, but most shows I can watch at least two episodes in a single sitting if I am falling a bit behind.

      • I’ve always marathon shows so I try to wait until they are finished airing but for some shows I can’t wait.

      • Some shows I cannot wait since they are so popular. I like marathoning Parasyte, but twitter is always so full of Parasyte spoilers on Wednesday nights. So I have to stick to watching it once a week to avoid being spoiled.

  • Though the Mother’s Rosary Arc (last 5 episodes or so) were really touching, I especially enjoyed the intense action and suspense drawn from the first arc, Phantom Bullet. Sinon is like waifu material, if you catch my drift! Lovely review~

    • Thank you! I also enjoyed the intense action during the first arc but the middle arc was the one that was hard to get through.

  • I really enjoyed this anime and I agree that the rating you gave is a 8/10. Not the best but it’s one of those anime that anybody can enjoy. The GGO arc was intense and my favorite of the series. Second was Mother Rosario and third was the Calibur arc. The feels hit me hard on the last episode.

      • During those hard minutes on the last episode, I was struggling on holding my tears.Yuuki was the kind of person who would smile and have fun and seeing her suffer pulled my heart strings. I even bought the ending song from amazon to remember her. Sword Art Online is probably one of the few anime to make me cry about video games.

      • Yes the same goes for me. I had just done my eye makeup so I didn’t want to cry but it was difficult to hold it in. Yuuki was such a sweet girl.

  • I forgot to mention that I also enjoyed the Excalibur arc. It was nice to take a break from serious stuff and see the gang play games together. I Like Sinon in her avatar, she look cute and funny, especially when Kirito pulled her tail. I also like Klein in this arc. He was funny and it was sweet when he had a crush on the NPC.

    • Lol yes Klein is definitely one of my favorite characters because he is the comic relief that is definitely in a show like this when it can be serious. For some reason I didn’t enjoy the Excalibur arc. I guess it’s because I got so used to the action in the first arc with GGO.

      • Yeah I can agree. The GGO arc literally had me on the edge of my seat. Not only Kirito had to stop Death Gun/Sterben but he had to fight a fear he had been holding on for a long time. I also like the lightsaber Kirito had, the sound effects was exactly like Star Wars XD

      • I know!!! I thought that was just me! When he was using his sword I was like it sounds like a cross between Star Wats and Link from the Zelda games with the noises that he makes when he fights.

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