Published March 5, 2015 by Shay Taree

Hey all so I decided today to do a review on an anime application/ website that I used to frequent often but is actually really cool. That website is

I had actually found out about the website in 2009 when I was getting back into anime and it was just a great website to be able to list the anime I’ve seen, ones I want to see, and ones I’ve dropped. Also it was a great way for me to be able to see what others were watching and come across new anime to watch.

You are able to make a profile and start listing your anime from there. If you have a profile your able to download the app and then you have access to the catalog of anime they have listed as well at the personal list that you have created. Now the app only works in keeping track of your anime it hasn’t exactly been able to keep in contact with those you’ve friended on there but that’s okay. 

But overall if your looking for an app where you can find some great new anime to watch, make new friends, and also discuss you favorite anime’s then definitely check out
I’ve also only scratched the surface of what this website and app can do but I definitely love it. I give the website and app an 8/10 because while it does have its glitches sometimes it definitely serves its purpose.
So comment down below what you think of this website and app. Also let me know if you have an account I would love to follow many of you. Also like I always I will always comment back. 
~Anime Reviewer Girl!

16 comments on “ Review

  • Too many people vote ether 1 or 10
    The adverts are so big they cover the tool bars.
    it’s very glitchy (if you click on a character you won’t be aloud to go back).
    It’s a annoying that they only let you resister your manga count in chapters when people who buy there manga talk in volumes.

  • I just started to use this sight about a month ago or so. I do not have many complaints, but I think there should be an easier way to add series, specifically second, third, + seasons. Since I had a document saved for all the series, it took a long time to categorize all of them. Even now, I am a little uncertain if I got them all. There are a few glitches, but still I think it is at least better then me entering each one in on a document on my computer, plus it is easier to post that in my sites on the sidebar on my site rather then people trying to find the page on my site.

  • I love this site, mainly because it has an enormous database of manga/anime/etc. However the drawbacks is it is kind of difficult to communicate with fellow friends. I personally didn’t realize that I received a message till a month later (which is ridiculous since the main purpose of these anime communities to communicate with other anime/manga fans)

  • Pretty nice site to keep track of how many anime you`ve watched and for how long.Been a member since 2010 and apparently I`ve completed 745 titles and watched anime for 216.0 days straight 🙂

    • Yes definitely true! I’ve been able to tell people how much anime I’ve seen and also been able to find new titles to watch.

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