Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 17 Review!

Published March 9, 2015 by Shay Taree
So of course this was another week where we were all treated to a new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. Let me just say that this Black Moon Arc is definitely so much better than the first arc of this series. But let’s get into the review of this episode shall we.
So this episode started off with what is left of the Sailor Scouts still trying to figure out what to do regarding now both Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury being kidnapped by the Black Moon. Usagi is of course depressed but surprisingly Chibi-Usa actually is trying her best to cheer Usagi up. She even lets her borrow her cute little Tuxedo Mask doll she got from Mamoru. 

Also Chibi-Usa seems to be getting rather attached to Usagi which I’m actually really liking. It’s just so sweet seeing them interact with each other especially when they are at the arcade and get matching Sailor V dolls. 
But this episode we got to meet Petz one of the Specter sisters. 

Also this episode we got to know more about Makoto which was amazing. I’ve been wanting to know more about each scout and this arc is definitely doing that. Anyway Makoto ends up catching a cold and even while sick she was kick some major Black Moon butt. 

But in the end she does end up getting captured as well. Which now leaves 2 scouts left.
I definitely can’t wait to the next episode where they try to figure out if Chibi-Usa is friend or foe. Overall I give this episode a 9/10. I was happy to see more of Chibi-Usa and find out more about Makoto.
But let me know what you all thought of this episode and what you think of the series so far overall. Like always I will always answer back to comments.
~Anime Reviewer Girl

2 comments on “Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 17 Review!

  • I haven enjoyed the series and surprisingly my younger son has gotten into it as well. Have you watched the magical boy anime: Cute Earth Defense Club LOVE? It’s hilarious and a take off on the whole magical girl genre.

    • No I definitely haven’t seen that! But I will add it to my to watch list. I’ve been enjoying the series now but before I didn’t really enjoy it. But it definitely takes me back to my childhood watching it.

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