What Anime Do You Wish Was Real?

Published March 16, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I know that many of us watch anime as not only a form of entertainment but also as a way for us to get away from reality for a bit. Whether it be from the stress of school, family, work, or even friends it’s just a great way to get away from it all.

But what I would like to know is what anime do you wish was real? This could be any anime from bloodiest anime you’ve seen to the most romantic anime you’ve seen. Also you can crossover different anime’s just to put a twist on this question. 
For me if I had to choose it would have to be a combination of Sword Art Online,

Sailor Moon,

Ouran High School Host Club. 

I mean how awesome would it be to be in a video game, fight crime, and also have a group of guys hanging around you constantly. Now that would be awesome.
So what about everyone else? I know that you have all thought about it before and I would love to know what you would wish. So comment down below your answers and like always I will answer back. 
~Anime Reviewer Girl!

26 comments on “What Anime Do You Wish Was Real?

  • Definitely SAO. I would choose Clannad and Durarara!!. I would like to have friends to play games with, understand each other feelings, and have an abnormal day where anything could happen. I would have said One Piece or Naruto, but that would make our world chaotic. There are other anime I would choose, but these three popped in my head.

      • Yeah Gray is pretty awesome, I just wish he would stop being such a spoil sport and go out with Juvia once…..oh and a fun fact Gray was meant to be another dragonslayer but the idea got scrapped 🙂

      • What are you serious!!! I didn’t know that! I love Gray and Juvia together and I also wish that they would get together soon. Well actually there are quite a few characters I wish would get together soon.

      • Yeah I am serious and I really want a special where the FT girls tell Juvia to play hard to get by going out on a date with Lyon and Gray is like “I don’t care” but he secretly does and decides to go all stalker like Juvia does and tries to mess their date so he knows how Juvia feels 🙂

    • SAO seems to be one that I’ve been seeing a lot! I can understand why since being able to be inside a video game could be an amazing experience.

  • Ooooo hehe this is a hard one well I would love gundam seed destiny, Munto tv and Inuyasha to be real. they were completely different animes but I think it would be a amazing crossover together XD

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