Akame Ga Kill Full Review

Published March 27, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I finally after more than a week have finished Akame Ga Kill and omg this show had me going until the very end. There is so much death and killing in this show that I definitely need to watch something happy next. 

Many of you were right that I shouldn’t get attached to any of the characters and I had to keep repeating that to myself so that I didn’t. Unfortunately I did get quite attached to a few of the characters. Sorry but I couldn’t help it.
But the action in the show was awesome and while then action was literally everything I did really love the sweet and funny moments in the show. Including this sweet moment between Mine and Tatsumi. 
The two fights that I loved the most was the fight between Akame and Kurome 
and also the fight between Akame and Esdeath. Both fights were amazing and made me wish that I could fight like that. 
The ending of the show kind of strange to me but it did complete the series rather well. But I think I may have to read the manga of the series to see if anything happens next.
Overall I give this series a 9/10. The action was awesome and the music definitely fit the series well. This show would keep anyone interested and watching from beginning to end. 
But let me know what you thought of the show and this review. Comment down below and like always I will answer back. 

4 comments on “Akame Ga Kill Full Review

  • I think I told you how it was an original ending, which might have been obvious. At the same time it adapts the manga fairly well and if you are interested, after chapter 39 it skips an arc and changes it around to make it end.

  • I heard this show was really violent but good at the same time. I might check it out eventually based on your review. If I do, I will try not to be attached to the characters.

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