Anime That Puts A Smile On Your Face?

Published April 1, 2015 by Shay Taree

Since I had been feeling down for a few days it made me think about what Anime’s make me happy no matter how bad I feel. I know that we all have those anime’s that can put a smile on our face so here are mines. 

1. Sailor Moon- Of course I had to choose this one since it’s the first anime that I watch and I have nothing but good memories of it.
2. Shin-Chan- This anime is just too funny with Shin and his family antics. I could watch this anime over and over and it will never get old.
3. Ouran High School Host Club- Now I have seen this anime numerous times and it never fails to make me smile and laugh no matter how down I am.
4. Lucky Star- All the characters are so crazy in this series that it’s hard not to smile at them. Definitely an anime that can make me happy.
Alright so those are the anime’s that can make me happy no matter how down I am. So what are the anime’s that can put a smile on your face when your down? Comment down below what they are or what you think of my list and like always I will always answer back.
~Anime Reviewer Girl!

31 comments on “Anime That Puts A Smile On Your Face?

    • I loved Sgt. Frog! That anime was really funny and always made me laugh. But I haven’t seen the other anime that you mentioned. But it sounds good.

  • I am sorry to hear that, I hope everything is alright. These are nice choices. I recommend watching Good Luck Girl! (or Binbล-gami ga!) because this anime makes a ton of references of other anime like Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, and others; the characters are really crazy and I couldn’t stop smiling after watching 2 episodes. Another anime I would pick is Space Dandy. It’s made by the same creators of Cowboy Bebop, but the story is mostly random until you get to the second half of the series and the main character is both funny and dumb.

    • Thank you so much for your words. Things are definitely better now and I’ve heard a lot about Space Dandy and I plan to check it out soon. The other one I haven’t heard of but I will definitely check it out.

      • Okay I think that may be the next anime I watch since I’ve been in the mood to watch something funny.

  • I love Hetalia. I can watch it over and over and it can still make it smile. I like the Hetalia: Axis Powers and Hetalia: World Series. Hetalia: A Beautiful World wasn’t that great in my opinion so I don’t watch those.

  • When I feel down, I’d always go for Special A, Kaichou Wa Maid-sama and Acchi Kocchi simply because they had way too many funny scenes in them such that when I think of “funny anime” those are the first that come to mind ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Boondocks does have anime characteristics but it is an American show. But still I’ve seen Boondocks too and it is hilarious!!!

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