Battle Royale Movie Review

Published April 13, 2015 by Shay Taree

So like I promise I have a review on the Battle Royale movie. I can honestly say that I liked it. Although there were a few things that I didn’t like.

Like many movies that were based off books there were some stark differences such as characters names, the chronological order of events, and some things being taken out altogether. The one part that I didn’t like about the movie was how there seems to be where the teacher had a crush on Noriko which I just found weird especially since that was in no way hinted in the book. It was a good shocker to the movie but it left me feeling slightly uncomfortable. 
That kind of thing actually really bugs me especially when the book is so detailed and brings you in so much.
But anyways, the movie is also subtitles but regardless it was still enjoyable to watch. Also the main character was really noticeable to me because he also played Light Yagami in the live action version of Death Note. That also brings me to the acting in the movie which was good. For this being a group of kids in the movie they honestly handled it well and many of them looked like the characters as well. 
I feel like this was a movie that you could definitely see without reading the book but the book would give you a better insight as to what actually happened and how it all happened.
One surprising thing about this movie was that the ending actually made me sad. When the music started and it showed the class picture it made me kind of want to cry to think that all these kids are now dead when they used to be so close.
Now as far as Battle Royale 2 is concerned don’t even watch it. It was such a terrible movie that I actually didn’t finish watching it. I think they had the right idea to the concept but they just didn’t execute it properly. To me it made no sense and I had no idea what was going on.
In all honesty if you haven’t seen the movie definitely watch it because it is a really good movie and if your able to also read the book and decide for yourself which you like better. Also this movie is quite violent so you have been warned!
So let me know what you thought of the Battle Royale movie and this review down below. Plus like always I will answer back to your comments.
~Anime Reviewer Girl!

4 comments on “Battle Royale Movie Review

    • Yeah the first film is very good but the second one definitely needed some work. I like the idea that if one person died then their partner also died but it wasn’t well thought out.

  • An even crueler and awesome-er hunger games? Hell yeah! I watched this a while ago after constant recommendation, I was not disappointed!! Id like to see something like this, a possible second one?

    • I’m glad that you liked it! The 2nd one was really worth seeing to be honest. I turned it off halfway though it. They had a good idea but they didn’t execute it very well.

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