First Anime Convention Experience

Published April 22, 2015 by Shay Taree
Since there are conventions that go on all the time and also since I want to go to another one really badly it made me think of my first and only con experience.
The first anime convention I went to was Fanime Con in San Jose California. I had just graduated from college and it was a gift to myself. I went with a group of friends that had went last year and it was amazing! I had so much fun and bought so many things.
I went to a few panels and was able to see so many amazing cosplays and it made me want to cosplay the next time I went to a con. Now this was the only convention that I’ve gone to so far but it was definitely a great experience.
But what was everyone else first convention like and what was your favorite part? I would love to know! So comment down below and like always I will answer back!
~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

23 comments on “First Anime Convention Experience

  • The first convention I went to was Anime North 2011, I went for the Saturday only. All I did was buy A LOT OF STUFF! My and my friends walked around attended some screenings and panels. Since then I have gone every year.

  • The first anime convention I went to was Anime Milwaukee. I took my boys and I wasn’t quite into anime that much yet. What was bad: I didn’t pre-register and spent 2 hours in line (and we had only planned to come for one day). The next year when I went I knew to stay the night and to pre-register. The best one I’ve been to so far was Anime Midwest. The Steam Powered Giraffe concert and Greg Ayers panel, Why Your Fandom Sucks, were the highlights.

  • ohh I never been to Fanime Con but I heard of it. I have a bunch of friends here in Santa Cruz planning to travel to San Jose for this event. Personally I would join them, but I am way too busy.

    I have been to an anime convention before. I been to the LA’s Anime Expo during summer. It was pretty cool especially with the amount of people cosplaying a certain anime. The first time I went I saw a gathering of Attack on Titans & Fairy Tail characters. I wasn’t really into much of the panels but the booths were fun to look at. Didn’t buy anything since everything is overpriced, but I did have fun taking pictures with cosplayers. I really loved my photo with Allen’s cosplayer & Suzaku’s cosplayer.

    I would definitely go again one day but right now there isn’t anything that catches my eyes (no good anime this year). Though I do want to go to Comic Con for the Games of Thrones panel. 😀

    • That sounds like so much fun. I’ve always wanted to go to LA’s Anime Expo. But Fanime was so much and you should definitely go one year.

  • My first one was in 2008 I think it was and was called Avcon it was only a small con at the time but now is much bigger when it moved facilities. it use to be held in the university near me. I remember I was so amazed by all of the cosplays and of course made me want to cosplay, have been doing that now for 8 years now ^^

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