Reading The Manga Before Watching The Anime? 

Published April 30, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I know that the title of today’s post doesn’t make the best sense but please hold on because I will explain it. What I mean by the title is does reading the manga before watching the anime make you not as invested in the anime? 

Now for me it kind of does just because then if I’ve read the manga and then go watch the anime I don’t pay as much attention because I know what is going to happen. Therefore I tend to zone out more and not watch it as intently as I would if I hadn’t read the manga.

A few examples I can give for me is Kuroko’s Basketball 

and Bleach. 

Both shows I really like but once I started reading the manga for both and then watching the series I didn’t pay attention to it as much. Right now the 3rd season of Kuroko’s Basketball is airing and while I do love the show I haven’t been watching it every week like I thought I would and when I do watch it I don’t watch it like I did the first 2 seasons because I already know what’s going to happen.

That’s why now I don’t really read the manga of an anime until either I finish the anime or if the manga is still continuing even though the anime has finished airing.

Do this happen to anyone else? Do you prefer to watch the anime first and then read the manga or vice versa? Comment down below I would love to know.

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

16 comments on “Reading The Manga Before Watching The Anime? 

  • I’m the oddball because I will find the anime I like on Netflix, then go look for the manga at Barnes and Noble.

    I love manga, but I tend not to pay for it.* Some libraries have them. B & N are good about letting you sit there drink coffee and read it in the stacks.

    I sometimes like to go to B & N and pick up the 2 volumes of Chobits. Sometimes I just like to hold them. I know that I won’t buy it, but I like to know that it is there… and visit it once in a while.**

    * these things are a more expensive habit than cigarettes or breakfast beer.
    ** I’m not weird, right?

    • Lol no that’s definitely not weird. I actually read all my manga on an app but there are a few manga’s I buy because I want to physically own them.

  • This doesn’t really apply to me. I tend to discover a series by watching the anime and then reading the manga to find what happens next.

  • It depends. If I read the manga first, then I may or may not watch the anime depending on how good or bad the art and animation is. For example, I read The World is Still Beautiful before finding out there was an anime. I didn’t watch the anime since the art wasn’t as good as the manga. Plus, I saw one pic on google images of the part where the main heroine enters the ballroom in a pretty dress and she looked beautiful, but the anime version was so ugly and plain.

    But, if I watch the anime first, then I’m less inclined to read the manga. Even if I do, I skip straight to the part where the anime left off (except in some cases like Tokyo Ghoul since I heard the anime skipped a lot of chapters).

    But I generally like reading manga better. It’s usually better and faster than watching the anime. Except in the case where the genre is action. I need to watch that or I have to rely on the panels where the characters explain what happened.

  • In some cases I have read the manga before the anime was announced, Akame ga Kill, Monsture Musume, and Jitsu wa Watashi wa are the only ones I can think of. But when it comes to some that are announced and I like the idea of the plot I will check out the manga, since the anime probably will not be out for some time. It has sometimes worked in my favor, like D-Frag, where I know I will enjoy the anime. Others I like the manga a lot more than the anime like with Trinity Seven. Now as for shows that already aired and finished airing, I have done this with Magi where I read the manga before the anime. I only read the manga since I did not want to start watching the anime and get bored. Reading the first few chapters, about 10 if it is a weekly series, or 5 if it is a monthly series, is a good way to get a feel if you will like the anime, especially if it is a long one. That way you can watch the anime and know you will like it, if it follows the manga closely. But there are most cases if I really enjoyed the anime I will attempt to read the manga. The only time I think I did this quickly was with Bryhildr in the Darkness, I read the first 50 or so chapters within a day after watching the first episode. Then the anime tried to shove 100 chapters into 13 episodes, and I much prefer the manga over the anime because of this.

  • Don’t worry I do that too. Like for instance, I was a fan of Kimi no Todoke so I was extremely excited for the anime to be aired. However I stop watching after a few episode (the anime is great though) since it was hard to balance both & plus I already know what was going to happen. In fact a lot of manga-turn-anime are usually like that for me, with the exception of action/adventure mangas. It’s because I love the graphics & the replication of the aciton scenes.

    Usually “romance” manga-turn-anime are the case for me. Not only did I give up on Kimi no Todoke, I also gave up on Kaichou no Maid-sama, Say I Love you, etc. I think it has to do with how boring it is in anime style lol. Too draggy.

    • Yeah for me since I watch more anime than I read manga if a new season comes out for a series that I’ve been reading since the anime finished before the manga I’m excited to see it in action but then I get bored because I know what’s going to happen.

  • I agree with The Otaku Judge! This happened for me with Chihayafuru, Special A, Vampire Knight among various others. But many times, I also search for manga to read myself and later on discover that an anime has been made for it and so subsequently watch them. Some examples include the recent Ao Haru Ride and Akatsuki no Yona. Both ways work for me though I must say, the joy of watching anime that manga cannot give is the wonderful work put in by Japanese voice actors and the action sequences in the story 🙂

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