Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 21 Review! 

Published May 5, 2015 by Shay Taree
I can’t believe that we are already on episode 21 of Sailor Moon Crystal and this weeks episode gave us quite a bit of back story on both the Black Moon Kingdom and on Chibi-Usa. 
The episode starts off with the kidnapping of Usagi by Prince Demande and her waking up in their hideout. 
There Prince Demande explains how he and his allies discovered Nemesis and why they are using the power of the Black Crystal. The he kisses Usagi which was just so wrong. 
Back with our heroes they are trying to figure out how best to rescue Usagi and Chibi-Usa’s past is revealed. She can’t use the Legendary Silver Crystal and she is 900 years old! What!!!! But Chibi-Usa also explains why she took to the Crystal and it was because she was being bullied. She also believes that all of this is her fault because she took the Crystal. 
Also in this episode we catch a small glimpse of the rest of the kidnapped Sailor Scouts. Which I absolutely loved and I hope they are back for more in the next episode. Also since the episode ended with Chibi-Usa being influenced by Wiseman I can sense that Black Lady is going to be making an appearance soon.
I give this weeks episode a 8/10 mostly due to the backstory that was explained in this weeks episode. There wasn’t a lot of action but I still enjoyed it and I definitely look forward to the next episode. But what did everyone else think of this episode? Comment below and let me know!
~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

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