What Do You Think Of Simulcasting Anime?

Published May 6, 2015 by Shay Taree

So this question was asked by Takuto’s Anime Cafe and just to clarify what was meant by this question is what do I think of simulcasting as a whole.

To be honest I do like simulcasting anime since it serves it’s purpose of anime fans all over the world being able to enjoy what they love the same time as people in Japan get to experience it.

Now for me how I watch anime is that I love to binge watch my anime. This is mostly because I don’t like waiting each week or every other week in some cases for a new episode. Now there is one anime that I am watching while it’s airing and that’s Sailor Moon Crystal 

but I’ve learned that I don’t like it that much. This is mostly because I tend to forget that an episode is airing on that day due to everyday life and plus for me I don’t get the connection with the series like I do when I’m able to watch it straight through. I know that sounds crazy trust me I know.

But what do you think of simulcasting anime? Do you enjoy watch anime every week as it is airing or are you like me and enjoy binge watching your anime once it’s finished? Comment down below and let me know!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


18 comments on “What Do You Think Of Simulcasting Anime?

  • Considering 90% of the shows I am watching are similucast, I think I like it. i do like watching several episodes, and watching too many shows can sometimes be good to watch in several episodes. The only downside is that sometimes I never get back and they become unintentionally dropped despite wanting to go back. Last summer it was Tokyo Ghoul and SAO II. If the show finished airing, I like marathons.

    • I can definitely understand that. I think it’s since I don’t watch a lot of shows while they are airing that I’m not used to it.

      • I did not really start watching shows until they they where airing until a year of watching anime. That was also when I started to watch a lot more sub over dub. Once you start watching a handful of currently airing shows on different days of the week you get used to it.

      • Hmmmm I think I may have to try that. So far the shows I watch air on Saturdays and Sunday’s and one is every other week.

  • Like yourself, I prefer to watch a series at my own pace. Most of the time, I’ll watch 2-3 epidoes of a simulcasted series then wait another 2 to 3 weeks. On occasion I’ll follow a handful of titles on a weekly basis, usually limited to 1 or 2 series per season.

    • Yeah so far I started off following 2 series as they were airing but now it’s just one since I wasn’t able to keep up with the 2nd one.

  • I prefer to marathon a show, but having the option to watch something as it comes out is still a good thing. Having to wait years to watch an anime that came out years ago in Japan can be disheartening and makes avoiding spoilers very difficult.

    • Yeah I love simulcasting in that instance since you are able to watch a series as it is airing in Japan. I guess I’m just that impatient haha.

  • Thanks for answering!! I find binge watching more enjoyable, but simulcasts are more fun. The suspense of waiting each with everyone else is thrilling! On the other hand, if I could marathon the whole thing by myself, the I could go at my own pace, get comfortable, and actually remember what happens between each episode. And while I would LOVE to just sit down, relax, and marathon a whole show, there are too many interesting simulcasts this spring. The struggle is real >.< Thanks again!!

    • Your very welcome and anytime! I love to binge watch shows mostly because I don’t have to wait and like you I’m able to remember what happened between each episode.

  • Well it’s kind of a toss up for me currently as I am watching some of the spring anime 2015 I am keeping up with them everytime an episode comes out because I was really looking forward to the anime I had chosen to watch. But most of the time I’d say I am like you shay I like to binge watch as soon as a anime has finished airing. lol like for example I still haven’t finished watching beyond the boundary or attack on titan am I terrible? haha I’ll finish them this month is my aim too 🙂

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