Anime Hairstyles!

Published May 7, 2015 by Shay Taree

Yes I am doing a post about anime hairstyles since I know that many of us have found them not only cute but also just amazing. Plus besides Disney, anime has given me some unrealistic but also fun ways to try and do my hair.

So using the term unrealistic isn’t a bad thing so don’t get mad at me its just my way of saying that my hair doesn’t do what their hair does in the show. My hair is naturally thick so I straighten is chemically and it’s not super long. But I still try to do a few or I at least want to.

But how about everyone else? What do you think of anime hair and have you every tried doing the styles that are in the shows? Let me know your experience and what you think my commenting below.

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


8 comments on “Anime Hairstyles!

  • I have thick hair, so sometimes it’s hard to pull off the “cool anime guy” look LOL I love the different styles and expressions of hair that represent a character’s personality, but then there are people who are like, “woah, pink hair, that’s weird.” I think it’s fun and different, but hard to pull off personally!

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