Anime You Expected Not To Enjoy But Did?

Published May 8, 2015 by Shay Taree

I know that many of us have gone in expecting one thing but then completely end up with something else. Many of us go in expecting not to enjoy a specific anime whether it’s because of the art style, genre, or even just the story line. But many times regardless of these things you end up being pleasantly surprised to realize you enjoyed it a lot. 

The show that did this for me is actually now one of my favorites that I can watch over and over again. That show is Ouran High School Host Club. 

At first I had actually dropped the show a few minutes into the first episode but then maybe a few months later after hearing a lot about the show I decided to give it another chance and I throughally enjoyed it!

So what show did you expected not to enjoy but you did? Comment down below and let me know!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

33 comments on “Anime You Expected Not To Enjoy But Did?

  • Haha it’s got to be K-On for me, heard all the haters and was expecting just moe blob nonsense. I got moe blob, and I also got the most uplifting and just most cynicism-destroying anime series you could possibly watch. Haters just gonna hate XD

  • This is one of my all time favorite animes. When it was first recommended to me by one of my friends I was skeptical, but the show proved to be hilarious not to mention the dubbed voice actors are excellent. I mostly watch shows subbed but this is an exception.

  • For me, it was Aquarion Evol. I’m not a fan of mecha themed shows, but this one is an exception. I mean, those REALLY BAD puns and jokes were so good.

    • Yeah definitely give it another chance. Like you the first time I tried to watch it I stopped watching it after the first few minutes. Let me know how you liked it if you end up re watching it.

  • Log Horizon surprised me. I thought it was going to be a shameless Sword Art rip-off, but in the end it exceeded my expectations.

  • I didn’t think I would enjoy Ranma 1/2 because it was so nonsensical but realising that it’s a parody on all shounen anime (crazy long flashbacks, ridiculously imba final moves that take half the episode to execute) made me appreciate it more!

  • At first I try to avoid Clannad. I though it was just going to be a cheesy Shojo series or boring show. I watched the first episode and I told myself “one episode and that’s it, after that I am going back to watching One Piece”. However the first episode left a cliffhanger and left me wondering what happened. I then decided to watch episode 2 and before I know it, I got hooked XD

      • It sure did made me cry, this anime was the first one to hit me. I lost my manhood when Tomoya and Nagisa was trying to help Fuko and the wedding. Once the song “Ana” played, my tears on my screen.

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