What If Anime Was Banned?

Published May 12, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I had seen a forum post about anime trying to be banned and then after I found a Facebook page devoted to banning anime. But the page could possibly be a complete joke. But regardless it got me thinking about what would I do if anime did get banned.

I think first of all that I would be surely pissed off! 

I mean what would banning anime do anyway? It hasn’t hurt anybody and it is just another form of entertainment for people to enjoy. I also think that I would still find a way to enjoy it even if it meant me having to sneak and watch it. 

Which when I think about it may be pretty cool but also dangerous. 

Can you actually picture going to jail for watching anime or being fined for buying it. That just seems funny to me and also pretty ridiculous.

But what would you do if anime was banned? Would you still watch it regardless or would you try and find something else to partake in. Comment down below and let me know!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


17 comments on “What If Anime Was Banned?

  • Watching anime is already a secret for me. So I do not see it being any different if it was banned. Although it would really depend in what way it was banned for if I would still watch it or not.

    • Yeah that is definitely true. Like would it be banned for selling and distributing like the physical copy and still able to view online or just banned in all forms altogether.

  • Personally it would be terrible for fans like us. I would actually be surprised because not many people, like my parents, care about anime, if tomorrow they say anime is banned, some people will wonder why. I also believe it would be ridiculous. For example, if we are talking about content, it would be like allowing Family Guy to continue on TV while it insults politics, religion, sexual innuendos, and then we have anime where people complain about a woman in a bikini or skirt stating sexist. To be honest, I would not want to imagine anime banned.

  • BANNED ANIME !!! I would put my face in a cream pie and not arise for the next few centuries would loose the will to live lol

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