What Annoy’s You About Anime?

Published May 15, 2015 by Shay Taree

Yes I know this is a slightly strange topic but it’s one that I’m interested to know what answers I will receive. But what annoy’s you about anime. This could be anything from similar plots, similar character characteristics, to just the animation styles of some shows.

What annoy’s me about anime sometimes is the fan service. Some fan service is okay but when it starts to be overboard is when I start to get a little annoyed. Sometimes I feel that it can take away from the show because it can become what majority of people start to focus on instead of the plot.

But let me know what you think about what I find annoying about anime. Also comment down below what you find annoying about anime. I can’t wait to read your answers.

~Anime Reviewer Girl

36 comments on “What Annoy’s You About Anime?

  • What bothers me the most is when anime have a “incest theme” or implied incest; it makes me uncomfortable. For example, the second half of Sword Art Online introduces Kazuto’s little sister Suguha. One of the reasons I did not like the Fairy Dance arc was because I felt that the series was trying to add a love triangle.

    Another anime that deals with incest I accidentally saw was Kissxsis (thank God I did not watch the entire series); based on the synopsis; the anime is about a little brother dealing with school and life and his older stepsisters are constantly try to compete to win him. They are brother and sisters but they make out like boyfriend and girlfriend. This series reaches the borderline of a H series.

    Anime with incest is one of things I loathe.

    • Yeah anime’s that have this topic make me feel uncomfortable too. Also to me it makes people think all anime’s are like this.

  • What bothers me is the same, Fan service. I will also not deny that I do occasionally will watch a show that is obvious for fan service. But sometimes there are shows that have too much fan service and it takes away everything that could have been good for the series.Then there are others where, there is fan service but it is still a great show, Kill la Kill is best example. I am sure there is something that I am just not thinking about.

    • Yeah I agree! I have seen shows that while they have fan service are still good shows but I have also seen shows where the fan service took away from the show.

    • I don’t mind the fan service in Kill la KIll, the show is pretty awesome either way. I know what you mean about the fan service. I remember the first time watching Rosario Vampire while reading the manga, I was disappointed. The anime added tons of panty shots and I couldn’t take the show serious.

      • Don’t get me started with Rosario, But with Kill la Kill the fan service did not really add or take away. Personally I feel neutral about it in that series

  • The extreme male fan-service (i.e. boobs and butts) and dumb females in reverse-harem animes. To be more descriptive, I hate how recently there has been so many animes with just plain male-fanservice. It’s just a plain waste of time to write a scene of a girls boobs bouncing. Why don’t they spend more time developing a freaking amazing plot??? As for the reverse-harem animes, I noticed majority of the girls are too dumb down. Why can’t they have brains? For instance, the main girl in Amnesia and Diabolik Lovers are such a mess. They are way too dumb and dependent on the patriarchy. On the other hand, La Corda D’oro’s main girl may be dumb but she takes control of her life. She also seems like a typical girl conflicted with her struggles to play the violin.

    I don’t get why they don’t make smart girls in reverse-harem. For instance, Shuurei in Saiunkoku Monogatari, Haru in Ouran Koukou Host club or Tooru in Fruits Basket.

    • Yes!!! I love when the female lead is smart in reverse harems! I hate when they are dumb! But yes unnecessary fan service is just plain weird sometimes.

  • 12 or 11 episode series. Seriously what is up with this? Some shows seem to really develop a good story and then rush towards an ending that makes you scratch your head.

    • Yup! I definitely agree! Shows like that make me wish for 2nd season and then I don’t get one so I have to read the manga to find out what happens.

      • Yeah I know the feeling, I am reading about 4 different mangas right now because of no second season, it’s a pain in the ass when you have to wait for new chapters to come out though 🙂

      • Dude I feel your pain. I’m waiting for my favorite manga to release a new chapter but they only release every 3 months. The sadness of being non-Japanese.

      • Lol. At least it is better than having the artist/author decide to take a leave of absense or deciding to drop the manga overall. Those are the ones that makes me go crazy.

    • Yeah meh endings get me upset too especially if it’s a series I’ve been watching for a while. But I don’t mind fan service sometimes I just hate when it’s unnecessary.

  • What annoys me is kinda like the first guy’s opinion. It’s when people make anime that are super ADULT ONLY animes. I mean couldn’t you make something without going mature stuff crazy. This especially ticks me off when the anime has a really cool plot line. For example Queens Blade, I may be just a prudest, but that show was a disappointment. And,yes that picture does pretty much sum it up.

  • Usually, I’m fine with anything as long as the story is good.

    HOWEVER, I hate it when the anime has an open ending then it doesn’t get a second season (-.-) it’s really annoying.

    Also, I hate how almost all new anime have Ecchi in them and not just a little Ecchi, no they make it like the bases of almost all female characters which is really annoying and mostly disturbing. I don’t mind a little Ecchi but there’s a limit. Seriously, it can ruin the anime.

    • Yes I also believe that Ecchi can have a limit and open ended endings can definitely cause some annoyance. Especially when it seems rushed.

      • Yeah, I mean there’s a fine line between Ecchi and hentai.. lately most anime have been pushing the line a bit too much and I hate that coz I can’t stand hentai I just hate it. Also, Open ended anime upsets me coz they make a great successful anime then they ruin everything by not following through till the end of the story, like Skip Beat or Ouran High school Host Club. I mean Shoujo anime in General have mostly been the victim of such behavior which is not fair. Even if the Manga is still going, just keep the anime going as well till the manga ends or create more seasons like Shounen anime.

      • Yes Shoujo anime do seem to be the culprit now that I think about it. A lot of the series that you mentioned I have watched but I hated that it ended without an actual ending. They definitely need more seasons.

  • Typecasts annoy me. Especially with weak defenceless females. I guess this is more typical in shoujo which sucks because it’s meant to be catered to women so why portray them so badly? But I suppose this is more of a problem with the role of women in Japanese culture as a whole which is always the submissive, wifey type.

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