Have You Ever Been Embarrassed Of Anime Fans?

Published May 19, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I know that this can be a kind of sensitive topic or one where people may wonder what the heck I’m talking about but let me explain. What I mean about this topic is have you ever been embarrassed when you have seen another anime fan very overly excited? I’m just asking this question because I know that us as anime fans can sometimes be scrutinized as being nerdy or not cool but many of us (well I like to think are much more than that and are actually quite cool).

So when you see an anime fan acting how others may perceive us does it make you a little embarrassed that someone may be acting on that stereotype. I’m not going to lie I have had those times. They are far and few between but they have happened. 

But how about everyone else? Has this ever happened to you? Did you do something about it? Also how do you feel about those stereotypes when it comes to anime fans? Comment down below and let me know.

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

P.S. I will be reviewing Sailor Moon Crystal but it won’t be until it has finished airing. Thanks!


17 comments on “Have You Ever Been Embarrassed Of Anime Fans?

  • ^_^ we are sporadic nerds and geeks (cool in our on special way).

    *Real geeks/nerds are not cool because they are really annoyingly into there chosen subject (join in on the madness).*

  • Well mine is something like that(I say that a lot don’t I?)except it’s with me. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be an anime fan. This is gong to relate to older comments I’ve made. When I was in my Pokemon phase I was embarrassed when showed people my sketch pad and i passed by one of my Pokemon drawings. I just made up some lame excuse like ‘Oh! That’s just some stupid drawing I did. There’s a lot of those in here. Don’t know why I drew that.’ And when I said I stopped listening to Vocaliod music. When I was talking to my friend Katlin about it I was embarrassed that I liked it. I came back as you know and am happily listening to some of it right now. And some people call me a nerd. I didn’t do anything about it. I’m a Dork/Nerd/Geek and I’m proud! 🙂

  • Not really. I get excited and entertained, instead. Although I can sense that others are embarrassed, but for me, it’s not such a big deal. Concert goers get uberly excited, why shouldn’t anime fans be?

  • Have I seen it? Absolutely. Do I do anything about it? Not really. Have I geeked out over anime and people saw me? Yep, and I don’t really care LOL. I mean, I don’t blow up in public, but you can see the gleam in my eyes, my face swelling with anticipation and happiness, and then suddenly, I just stop and nod with satisfaction. Yes, I have been embarrassed of anime fans and myself, but I’d rather see it then not, as I’m big on wanting the anime industry to flourish and be known. Besides, anime is becoming more popular and well received, or at least I think so, and this is because more people are starting to show their excitement and involvement with a worth-while hobby. 😀

    • I’m also glad when I see people fanning out over anime because it shows me that anime has a big following. But like you I don’t care if anyone is going crazy over it but I do have those moments when I’m like haha settle down.

  • You will find fans of anything that can be embarrassing. How about sports fans that riot because their team won and/or lost the big game? Or even scarier, twilight. As far as the overbearing anime fans, we point and laugh, then go back to our k-on discussion.

  • Sometimes when these anime fans start to re enact the character they love… I cringe. For instance, one of my friends used to say desu, Ami-chan, baka, kawaii, and etc. It’s kind of awkward because they don’t just say it, they act the role as well. When they say desu, they make cutesy face that one of the Shugo Chara character does. It’s so uncommon to act that way in America so I cringe.

  • I do run into other people at bookstores that won’t stop talking about Naruto or something excitedly and fast I can’t even understand them. Its kind of awkward one-way conversation about their fandom. That makes me cringe! Its cool that you like anime, but you don’t need to be rude about it.

    • Yeah I can definitely see that. Or if they get mad if you don’t exactly like a show that everyone is going crazy over at the moment.

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