Most Overrated Anime Character

Published May 20, 2015 by Shay Taree

Now we have all seen people ask about the most overrated show that they have seen but I want to take it a step further and ask what anime character do you feel is the most overrated. Now I definitely have mine and I hate to break a few hearts or get people mad but mine it Levi from Attack On Titan!

I know I know that people want to probably beat me up right now but let me explain why I feel he is so overrated! Yes I agree that Levi can be cool, awesome, and he does have his funny moments but he isn’t what I thought he was going to be.

Before I had watched Attack On Titan all I heard about was this character Levi so I was thinking that he was the main character but it turns out he wasn’t a main character and wasn’t even in the series until about almost halfway through. It really made me wonder why did people like him so much. I liked Mikasa more than anything but that is another story!

Anyways hearing a lot about Levi got me interested in the show but once I watched it I was kind of disappointed. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I find Levi to be overrated and please don’t hate me for this it is purely my opinion.

Now like always I extend the question to you! What character do you find overrated? Comment down below your answers and also if you disagree with my answer I would like to hear that as well. Let me know what you saw that I didn’t. Thanks again!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

41 comments on “Most Overrated Anime Character

  • Don’t know if its he’s overrated but I do have a beef about Light Yagami from Death Note. As a protagonist he just doesn’t have anything redeeming about him in my view…though in the live action movie this isn’t the case. As a result now I actually say sometimes a show suffers from Death Note syndrome…which is where you have a great show but a completely unlikeable protagonist.

    • Wow I never thought of that but I guess Light definitely wasn’t very likable but I did like the story that Death Note told.

    • Light was a villain protagonist. He wasn’t meant to be likable, it was to show his descent into God complex insanity. If anything, L is supposed to be the likable anti-hero.

  • Well mine is more of a creature but I think he still think he counts as a character. Pikachu from Pokemon. The Pokemon craze has going on for far to long. And it’s true I was once a part of it I think very lowly of it now. Especially how much people freak out over Pikachu.

      • I was thinking the same thing. Pikachu has been with Ash in many parts of the Pokemon world and different seasons of the show and he still loses in occasions XD

      • Except for Pokemon that are immune or stronger than electric types, but since this an anime we are talking about the creators can make Pikachu unstoppable. I remember him taking on Onyx in the first generation when Ash battled the Brock when he was a gym leader at the time.

      • Yes I remember that episode. But when you played the yellow version video game it was difficult to beat Onyx.

  • I also agree that Levi is really cool and interesting, but I feel as though people really love him more than Eren.

    I have two overrated characters and I might get hated on. The first one is Kirito from Sword Art Online and Ulquiorra from Bleach. Kirito is one of those overly powerful characters that always wins anything and he pretty much as harem. Ulquiorra was a cool espada but after the fight with Ichigo many fans were complaining that Tite Kubo killed him off and they wished that he would come back. Not to mention, I keep seeing fan art of him paired with Orihime -_-

    • I guess i’m one of those Ulquiorra X Orihime fans. lol. I really liked him a lot, but it was sad he got killed off in a few chapters/episodes.

      • His death was kinda depressing, especially when he said his last words, or monologue.
        “In the palm of my hand, was a heart” -Ulquiorra Cifer

        I have to admit, he was one of my favorite out of the Espadas.

      • I agree. It was pretty depressing to see him go, especially since he is like a kid trying to understand love/emotions.

      • I agree with you, he probably needed love. Being born with despair and sorrow is something not we can endure. The one who ever got close to him was Orihime.

    • I actually like the Orihime and Ulquiorra pairing. I think the are cute together but as far as Kirito is concerned I also have to agree that he can be overrated since while he is a hero he wasn’t the best hero.

      • Yeah sometimes he can definitely be a hero but other times it’s like he gets lucky.

      • I know right. Sometimes he gets things easy while others struggle and succeed.People like Klein, Asuna, Sinon, and others had to work for the success.

      • Exactly!!! He gets all the things easily while others had work very hard to just get half as far.

      • I still find it funny that he can escape death from the final boss Healthcliff. His moniter said DEAD but he ended up killing Healthcliff anyway. Kinda unfair for the other players who died.

      • I know! I mean it would have been sad if he had of died but sometimes it can make he show that much better when the main character dies.

  • Top 3 overrated characters:
    1. Asuna from Sword Art Online –> I expected a strong girl, but near the end of the show she becomes way too dependent on Kirito. What happen to that amazing girl in the first few episode? Now she basically does nothing in Season 2, except being Kirito’s girlfriend.
    2. Mikasa from AOT—> I just don’t like her.
    3. Erza from Fairy Tail –> I seriously don’t get her appeal.

    • I agree with your about Asuna since I loved her at the beginning but towards the end she lost her appeal. But I really like Mikasa she is a strong female but she also has a soft side to her. Now Erza I’m on the fence about because while I do like her I can see how she can overrated.

    • Omg yes!!! Everyone had me thinking Levi was a main character! Soul was a cool guy but there were times that he didn’t do much.

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