Most Underrated Anime Character?

Published May 21, 2015 by Shay Taree

Now that I asked about the most overrated character what about the most underrated character. I know that I have two and that’s Chad from Bleach and Mori from Ouran High School Host Club.

I say Chad from Bleach because he is just an awesome character. While he didn’t have the most awesome power he was definitely there for his friends. I also would love to know more about his backstory.

Now the reason why I chose Mori from Ouran High School Host Club. I chose him because Mori was mostly in the background in most the episodes and he didn’t say much but he still had his purpose. I would have also liked to know more about his backstory and why he is so quiet. Also I kind of wished he would have ended up with Haruhi. 

But who is the most underrated character for you? Comment down below and let me know who and why?

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

27 comments on “Most Underrated Anime Character?

      • Yeah that is true. I just wish they would give him a bigger role even though he is quiet. I just hate he is in the background.

      • If nothing else, near the end of the series, as his weapon and skills progressed, it would have been nice to hear from him a little more. I know when they were fighting the Arrancar, they eluded that Chad’s powers were close to theirs, but I feel they could have went more in depth with an explanation.
        That arm of his is BADASS

  • I say some of the girls from Sword Art Online. It was nice to see Asuna take the spotlight in Mother’s Rosario but I feel the other girls Leafa, Sinon, Lisbeth and Silica are underated.

    In the first half of the series, we get episode with Kirito with either Silica or Lisbeth and after that, we don’t see them anymore. In the second half, Leafa becomes important to the show when she helps Kirito get to Asuna. When we get to SAOII, she is no longer important to the story.

    As for Sinon, she became a minor character after Gun Gale Online.

  • Since Vocaliods HAVE counted in the past,I would say Mieku. She has lost a lot of what was SUPPOSED to be her praise to Miku. I see a lot of the others flouting around coming out with new songs. It’s true she’s being involved more but that’s in groups,not solos that I know she has the potential to do. I mean,what is there not to like? She’s pretty,she has the deep-ish female voice that we like ever so much to hear,and she is apparently with Gakupo so shippers can go ship crazy! Come on people. As for actual anime, Bem from Humanoid Monster Bem. Bero was basically like the main guy,or should I say kid? Bem and Bera were more side characters. But Bem was used less then Bera. In fact she had episodes dedicated to her,he didn’t.

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