Most Overrated Anime Pairing? 

Published May 26, 2015 by Shay Taree

So while I love this pairing with all my heart I have to say it’s Ichigo and Rukia from Bleach. 

Okay now before I get some angry comments I know that they aren’t an actual couple but I want them to be a couple. Plus I feel they are apart of the biggest feud between Bleach fans which is would Ichigo be with Orihime or Rukia.

But the reason why I find this pairing to be overrated even though I love it is because they aren’t an actual couple. Even though many of them wish they were and hope that by the end of the series they are together but at this point and time they aren’t. 

Also I guess the other reason why I find this pairing overrated is because I guess Bleach is now an overrated show and manga. The show dragged out for a long time and I know many people lost interest in it. I still read the manga and it is getting very good but it also has kind of dragged out. 

So what anime pairing do you find to be overrated? Comment down below and let me know and also let me know what you thought of the pairing I chose.

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

16 comments on “Most Overrated Anime Pairing? 

  • I think your probably right. Also My most overrated couple is RinXLen. Some people will probably hate me for that. But I go by the belief that they are twins,not lovers. And when I try to search either one or both of them I find a lot of fan art for that pairing.

      • Alright,I like to re-read some things so that’s why I’m commenting on this again. I noticed you said ‘they are twins’ and the reason I said ‘I go by the belief that they are twins’ is because when they came out people exploded over the fact that they looked alike and started fighting about wither they are lovers or twins(like I believe). And they must have gotten tired of it or something because one day Cypton put out a thing that they just ‘coincidentally’ looked alike. So since that happened I went by the belief that they were twins. I just thought you’d find this explanation interesting.

  • Amu x Ikuto from Shugo Chara. I never understood why people love the idea of a high school boy attracted to a middle schooler.

    • I haven’t seen that show just yet. But I hate when couples in shows happen but they don’t really fit well together.

    • Oh wow! I had been thinking of watching that show and after what you wrote I still will just tinder what this couple is about.

      • The show is decent, although it’s quite a stretch that so many girls would fall for the main character.

  • I agree with the IchigoxRukia couple, I personally don’t think they should be together.
    I am gonna get hated for this but I really don’t the NarutoxSakura couple. If you think about it, Sakura preferred Sasuke and most of the time Naruto gets clobbered by her every time he messes up

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