Most Underrated Anime Couple! 

Published May 27, 2015 by Shay Taree

Alright so since yesterday I did most overrated couple you know I had to ask about the most underrated couple today. 

So my most underrated couple actually has to be Ryuuji and Taiga from the show Toradora. 

I know that many people have seen this show and its been very talked about since the romance in it is just amazing.  But I just feel like this couple and their story isn’t celebrated enough. 

I feel like Ryuuji and Taiga are underrated because they are outshined by other couples from more mainstream anime shows.  Like for example Naruto and Hinata from well Naruto. But Ryuuji and Taiga’s love story is like a love/hate story tsince they started off hating each other but since they both had someone that they wanted they decided to work together.  Then along the way they fell for each other. 

It was just a great story and they could definitely be one of the couples that people love. Plus their kissing scene was amazing and oh so sweet! 

But who do you think is the most underrated anime couple?  Comment down below with your aanswer and why.  I can’t wait to read them. 

~ Anime Reviewer Girl! 

15 comments on “Most Underrated Anime Couple! 

  • MEIKU AND GAKUPO FOR THE WIN!! These two are a real couple but people undermine it. Instead they going around shipping poor Gakupo with every other Vocaliod girl there is. OK not really,but that’s pretty much it. It was even mentioned in his I’ll Quit Singing this,and I quote! ‘I hope you people realize I was meant for Meiku,
    not Miku’. So there,that’s mine.

  • I feel like I disagree with this one. On one hand it is a popular romance series so people know about it. On the other well no one really gives them much attention so you are right. In fact when Golden Time is brought up, since it is a series by the same creator. Barnie and Koko’s relationship is over shadowed by Toradora. Even then with Toradora it was dealing with the confession. Golden Time had an actual relationship and the problems that came with it.
    So, sorry to disagree with you. But I have to go with Barnie and Koko for this one.

    • That’s perfectly fine for you to disagree with me. I like when people disagree with me because I can find out there reasoning behind it and why.

  • I choose Lawrence and Holo from Spice and Wolf. They display some emotions that shows that they really care about each. I am not gonna spoil the ending of the anime, but these two make an excellent couple.

  • I think Satoshi and Mayaka from Hyouka is rather underrated. I mean, the show is rather popular for its beautiful art and open ending, but not many people seem to talk about the iconic Valentine Chocolates scene.

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