What Does Anime Mean To You? 

Published May 28, 2015 by Shay Taree

We all have our own reasons for liking anime and I would love to know why. What anime means to me is an escape from the real world for just a little bit and a time for me to unwind. 

It also helps me to explore what I like and enjoy and also to be more creative if I come up with an idea or something from an anime. 

Anime is just something that I overall enjoy and love to see others enjoy.  I love the community it has introduced me to and the friends I’ve made while watching it.  Also I know this sounds strange but it also helped me to be myself.  

Now what does anime mean to you?  I would love to know and I can’t wait to read all your answers. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!

15 comments on “What Does Anime Mean To You? 

  • With all of the intriguing stories, the cool characters, and great music/animation, to me anime allows me to look at everything under all kinds of new, crazy lights. I honestly can’t look at several things the same way due to anime, but they’re all for the better. Anime means creativity, personality, and unity – It’s fun to share with others!

  • Stories which cannot be told by “live action” actors and film.

    Anime often explores themes which have never been explored by conventional movies.

    Anime may be “more real than real”.

  • I personally love anime because of how I find it to have so much more potential than American cartoons. The story lines are thoughtful and well made (normally), and the cast of each anime has a lot of personality (normally). I find that most anime place in much more effort into their characters and story than American cartoons. It opens up my horizons for new shows, and at the same time I learn about the intriguing Japanese culture.

    • I’ve definitely learned a lot about Japanese culture through anime. Also like you said the story lines in anime sometimes can get to your emotions much differently then american cartoon shows.

  • It’s something that always reliefs me when I am feeling stressed and has become a great love of mine in life. It has introduced me to some amazing friends and I love all the different kinds of anime that are out there you always end up learning something 🙂

  • Anime is another way to see life in a different way. The characters may be fiction, but their words and actions are life like. I enjoy it because it is something we could relate.

    I also see anime as a way for escape in life. I enjoy seeing the characters laugh, cry, and love. The music is great and worth listening to and every story is different.

  • My answer is basically me digging up my childhood memories. To me anime is a way to escape into a world of fiction. To see your hero and what their adventure is. To be exposed to world very much unlike our own and full of wonder and magic. To have my eyes filled with the beauty of them and their world.

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