Favorite Cliche Anime Love Story? ❤️

Published June 17, 2015 by Shay Taree

I know that many of us have enjoyed the romantic anime’s at one time or another or even the action anime’s that have a romance or two going on. But what is your favorite cliche anime love story?

So what I mean by cliche is where the story is so predictable and you know how it’s going to come out but you still love it anyway. There is just something about it that still makes it enjoyable no matter how many times you’ve seen that same underlying romantic plot.

My favorites are generally either the hate that grows to love, the unrequited love that becomes love, or the we are helping each other out but then becomes love. Also there are 3 shows that I love that show this love story perfectly! 


Now I love this anime and it’s a perfect hate to love story. At first Kagome couldn’t stand Inuyasha and the same could be said about Inuyasha. But throughout the series you could see hints that they were starting to like each other and some were more subtle than others.

Itazura Na Kiss:

I literally binge watched this anime and stayed up all night watching it but it was worth it. The main character Kotoko is in love with this guy named Irie and at first he really doesn’t like her and shuts down most of her attempts at getting him to like her. But due to circumstances and over time he starts to fall for her. It was just a cute love story that I can watch again and again.


Alright so of course Toradora has that epic kissing scene between the two main characters but still the characters start out trying to use each other to get the person that they were liking. But over time and after spending time with each other they started to like each other.

Even though all these romantic plot lines were predictable it was still really sweet to see your favorite character fall in love with each other.

So what is your favorite cliche anime love story? I would love to know! Join in with the conversation by commenting below!

~Anime a Reviewer Girl! 

14 comments on “Favorite Cliche Anime Love Story? ❤️

  • Most reverse harem are cliched, but I watch them anyway because, well, I love my hot guys even if the stories are so predictable and crappy.

  • Inu Yasha! So glad that was put up here. Love that show! I grew up with that show,and loved every second of it. OH! I just remembered! Remember how Songo hated Miroku at first,but then there was hints that THEY liked each other.

  • I agree with you with Inuyasha. This is pretty tricky to think about, but I guess I would say Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online. It was pretty obvious when watching the opening song where Kirito and Asuna fought the monster Gleam Eyes. Not to mention, Asuna had more attention than the rest of the girls.

    I haven’t finished the manga, but I would like to say Tsukune and Moka from Rosario Vampire. When these two are together alone, they always say this with romantic music, it happens alot throughout the series:
    Moka: “Tsukune…”
    Tskune: “Moka…”
    They both like each other, but they don’t say they love each other. Typical shy teen couple -_-

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