Anime Character Vlogs! 

Published June 29, 2015 by Shay Taree

This weekend I got a chance to watch a lot of vlogs on YouTube and I can’t lie I’m very obsessed with them. But while watching them it got me thinking about what if some of our favorite characters started vlogging and what would that be like. Now vlogging is similar to blogging but instead of writing your video recording everything. 

A few characters that I could see vlogging was Naruto, Ichigo, Shin, and Tohru. I mostly said these characters because either they are crazy or their friends or people they are around are hilarious and I could see them causing havoc. 


would show a lot of his training and even his pranks that would lead him getting beat up by Sakura but there would also be action with all the fighting.

Well Ichigo 

I couldn’t really see him vlogging but due to his family and friends I could totally see them being stars of the vlog with how they pop out of nowhere. Plus I this it would be funny to see all the soul reapers trying to figure out what a camera is.

Now Shin 

is just hilarious all together but I could see his vlogs constantly being flagged due to content. But still they would be so funny that I would have to watch.

Now Tohru 

took some thinking about but I finally decided that she may make a good vlogger due to the fact that all of her friends change into animals which would make that interesting.

Last but not least I chose Goku 

because I feel like he would have so much fun recording everyone and I can already picture Vegeta getting annoyed with Goku and the camera!

But what do you think about this and what characters would you love to see vlog. Comment down below and let me know. I would love to know. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

8 comments on “Anime Character Vlogs! 

  • This sounds cool! Well, since I always love seeing what Misaka and her friends are up to, as they’re constantly fighting exciting enemies and enjoying a shopping day, I’d have to say that Mikoto Misaka, the Level 5 Railgun herself would be a fun vlogger to watch from.

  • Aww,man! That would be so cool! Alright i think Bero from Humanoid Monster Bem would vlog if he could. He would just be really funny. I also could see Ichago from Tokyo Mew Mew vlogging,and I think sometimes she would get to excited and her ears would pop out so she’d have a lot to delete from her vids. Also this next one’s pretty obvious,pretty much any Vocaliod,ever. Though the main ones I can think of that would vlog would be,Miku,Rin & Len,IA,Mieku(she’d probably make Kaito be in quite a few of them),Gumi,and Kagimi Kawian.

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