Infinity Dreams Award Nomination!

Published July 6, 2015 by Shay Taree

First of all thank you so much to Lita Kino Anime Reviews for nominating me and also be sure to check out her blog. She posts amazing things! 

So this is where I talk about 4 dreams that I’ve always had.

1. To be an actress: 

It wasn’t until pretty recently that I want to be an actress but that’s because I learned its a lot of fun and helped me to come out of my shell.

2. Have more confidence:

I haven’t always had the most confidence in myself but I’m slowly working on it. 

3. Start a YouTube Channel:

I’ve always wanted to start one but I’m not sure how to go about it or what kinds of videos to post. I’ve thought about doing something anime related though.

4. Work in the anime industry:

I’ve always thought about working in the anime industry especially since I like anime so much. I think that while it is work it can still be fun. 

Alright so thanks for reading and I nominate these 4 people to also write their dreams. 

The Reviewer’s Corner
The Otaku Judge
Maria Rants About Stuff
Also comment down below what you think like always. I would love to read it!

~Anime Reviewer Girl


12 comments on “Infinity Dreams Award Nomination!

  • Well, thanks. I was thinking of stop doing nomination things for a bit. But this one is different than ones that I have seen, so I will do it, this one sounds fun. Thank you.

  • Those are really nice dreams. If you had a YouTube channel and talked about anime, I will definitely subscribe to your channel. As for actress, I think you could do it. When you are a star, never forget whi you are and the people that helped you. A dream is a wish you make in your heart makes -Cinderella

    • Awwww thank you so much! I’m definitely thinking seriously about the YouTube channel and for the actress thing I’m also looking into it as well as modeling. But thanks again so much for that quote, it is one of my favorite quotes from Disney.

  • I’m with you on working in the anime industry and starting up a YouTube channel. But I’m so afraid of what I’d post. Do people watch enough reviews/anime related videos anyway? Regardless, I’d subscribe right away to your channel! Are you pursuing acting of any kind? Cause if so, that’s so awesome and inspiring! I hope your dreams come true ~

    • I think some people watch but I also want to do something different so I’m thinking of doing something similar to my blog where I do discussion questions. Or possibly using that app periscope. But as far as acting is concerned I’ve taken a few classes and I really liked them because they made me less shy so I’m thinking of taking more. One I took was even a voice acting class which was a lot of fun and taught me a lot. I say you should definitely start a YouTube channel I would also subscribe and if I started one I would love collaborate with you on a topic, video, or blog.

  • Not really sure how to respond as I have never been good planning out my future and therefore don’t have any dreams per say. Becoming a professional critic would be cool as would visiting geeky sites in Japan. I wish I had more confidence too. I’m a quiet person who gets embarrassed easily, which means I let myself get pushed around.

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