Another Sunshine Award Nomination! Yay! 😆

Published July 10, 2015 by Shay Taree

Thank you Deniz for nominating me and please check out their blog!!! 

Now to answer your questions: 

1. Do you get anxious or discomforted if you don’t watch anime for some period of time? If yes how much time?

A. I wouldn’t say that I get anxious but I do miss it because anime for me is an escape from reality for just a short period of time. But everyday I do something anime related whether it’s reading a fanfic, reading manga, or writing on my Twitter.

2. What anime will you watch from Summer 15?

A. As of right now probably none but that’s only because I rarely watch series as they are airing and I always wait until they finish airing. So in the future yes but which ones I’m not sure yet.

3. Who is your favorite anime character, someone you relate yourself with?

A. My favorite anime character is definitely Usagi from Sailor Moon. This is because I love how she really cares about her friends and I love how brave she can be. She is someone that I hope to be.

4. Is there a seiyuu you personally follow?

A. Hmmmm not really to be honest.

5. Do you like watching anime openings and endings, are you watching both?

A. I will actually sit through the opening and endings a few times to see if I like the song and if I do I will watch it throughout the series and if I don’t then I will usually skip it. 

6. Do you have a MyAnimeList account? How often and with which purposes do you use it?

A. Yes I do have a MyAnimeList account and I mostly use it for keeping track of the anime I watch or have seen. Before though I was more active in the MyAnimeList community.

7. What is your favorite anime genre?

A. My favorite anime genre has to be a tie between romance, comedy, and action.

8. Have you ever cosplayed before? If yes, where?

A. No I haven’t cosplayed although I’ve wanted to.

9. For manga adaptation anime, are you reading the manga because you just can’t wait for new episodes to come?

A. Most of the time I read the manga adaptation of an anime if I’ve heard the manga is very different or if the manga continues from where the anime left off.

10. Do you think you’ll watch anime 10 years from now?

A. Yes of course!!! 

Now I nominate these 4 blogs for the sunshine award as well! 

I hope you all choose to accept and also answer these questions.

1. Is there an anime you wish didn’t exist?

2. What anime character do you think would be your rival?

3. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

4. What is your favorite movie?

5. Dub or Sub?

6. Read or write?

7. Who is your current anime crush?

8. What is your favorite Dessert? 

Please answer this questions and thank you for read my answers to Deniz questions! Comment down below what you think. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


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