What If Certain Anime’s Were Restricted In Your Country?

Published July 15, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I though up this topic while having a Twitter conversation with an individual who is pretty upset that Viz does not show the original Sailor Moon in her country due to the fact that a streaming service isn’t able stream in that particular country. 
Well this got me to thinking about what would you do if this was what was going on in your country. I guess what I would do is if I really loved this show I would try and watch it any way that I could. Even if it meant me not being able to use the most legal sites. This isn’t saying that I wouldn’t try and see what the deal was or sign petitions to get the show over but I also would really be all that upset about it since there are so many avenues that you could go through.

 If you would like to read more about this particular subject and what country is involved and why just click here

So comment down below on what you would do in this situation and if you read the article let me know what you think about it. I can’t wait to read your comments so join in with the conversation.

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 


13 comments on “What If Certain Anime’s Were Restricted In Your Country?

  • At times, your area is always going to be left out of some anime, manga, video game, or whatever. And it sucks, no doubt about that. I know I’d really like to watch The Seven Deadly Sins, but I have to hold myself back and wait for Netflix or DVD release. There’s some gray area, like using proxies to view region-blocked stuff. Like how does anybody really suffer if I stream a Vocaloid video or a fan event?

    I do try to import stuff, especially when there are viable alternatives. I mean, it seems unfair that I can watch Sailor Moon for free when Canada, who is just across the bridge from me, can’t. But the US DVDs and Blu-rays are readily available and easy to get with no language barriers, so if I were Canadian, I think I’d just suck it up. But for other titles (like Kingyo Chuuihou/Goldfish Warning, which I adore), it’s hard to swallow coming up with $300 or more to pick up a region-locked DVD with no subtitles. Is it illegal to watch? Yes. But have I done it? Yes. But some day I’d love to own the anime boxset, even if there’s no subs.

    • Yeah that is true. I hope they make anime available to anyone that wants it soon but I know it has a lot to do with money and legality.

  • Being in the United States, we’re pretty cushioned with easy access to anime. If someone were to take away that ever-spongey comfort, well, hmm . . . I suppose I’d try to find some off the charter site to get my anime goodness. That sounds terrible, but unless there were fundraisers and campaigns for anime streaming and releasing, which I would totally support, I don’t see another simpler way than just hiding out on the webs.

    • Yeah I definitely understand and I would do the same thing if that were the case but I would still try and find a way to watch it.

    • I agree, the United States have this easy access where we can watch anytime and anywhere. I would hate to see other people missing out anime. Anime is like art, it should be shared across the world and not tied down.
      “Art is an Explosion!” -Deidara from Naruto Shippuden

  • Well first of all it depends on what the anime was,if it was let’s say,One Piece…I really wouldn’t give a crap. If it was something I like,like let’s say…Kaleido Star first of all my eye would start twitching,then I would laugh hysterically and freak out. Then I would get on my blog and complain about it,then I would sit on my bed in the dark and cry. Then lastly I would see if there was a way I could get that anime to show here. So that’s what I would do…

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