Sailor Moon Crystal Anime Review!

Published July 27, 2015 by Shay Taree

Since I was off work this weekend I decided to finally finish Sailor Moon Crystal especially since it is finally finish airing. But let me just say I was definitely disappointed over how it turned out. 

Now I was definitely a fan of the first series since it was the first anime I watch as kid so I’m not saying I didn’t like it because it’s not like the original. Trust me I definitely thought of Sailor Moon Crystal as its own separate show. The biggest problem I had with the show was the plot and the characterization. 

For me I felt like Sailor Moon a Crystal’s plot was just wayyyyy too serious and way to focused on Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship. 

While watching Sailor Moon Crystal there were just way to many moments were Usagi was crying or they were constantly fighting someone or trying to figure something out. There were never any moments were they were having fun. This was one moment where I honestly missed filler episodes in a show. I mean I also read the manga and Crystal is supposed to follow the manga more closely and even in the manga there were filler chapters and laughter. 

Now for characterization I feel Crystal took a huge hit with that and I think it’s because of the focus on Usagi and Mamoru so much. I feel that none of the other Sailor Scouts were properly introduced with their different personalities and background. This for me caused me to know really have an attachment to them and the only characters that I felt attachment too were Usagi and Mamoru. Well at least that was the case for the Dark Kingdom arc. 

When it came to the Black Moon arc there was definitely some character development which saved the show just a little bit for me. 

That being said the whole show wasn’t completely bad. I definitely enjoyed the Black Moon arc the most. There was a lot more action which was great to see and great character development beyond Usagi and Mamoru. Also the opening for Crystal was just amazing and I couldn’t help watching it every time I watched an episode.

Overall though even with the better arc when it came to the Black Moon it still couldn’t save the show for me. I ended up giving this show a 5/10. It wasn’t completely bad but I definitely didn’t enjoy it like I thought I would. Hopefully the next season is better if they have realized the mistakes that was made with this season. 

So comment down below on what you thought of Sailor Moon Crystal if you watched it and also what you thought of this review. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

10 comments on “Sailor Moon Crystal Anime Review!

  • B.C. (Before Crystal): The manga is rushed and moves too fast.

    Uh, no. You can’t take 40-50 pages and consistently squeeze it into 22 minutes, and then also add features like transformation sequences and speeches. This show would have been panned if it didn’t have the name “Sailor Moon” attached to it.

    I agree with you; it was average or okay. It’s sad because there was no reason it had to settle for mediocrity. I honestly wish this show was done 10 years ago and the live action was done for the 20th anniversary.

      • The fight sequences are weak and it has some strange-to-bad story points, but the characterization is excellent. All 5 along with the Usagi/Mamoru romance gets developed, and even the Four Kings get plenty of story time. Many people feel it’s the best telling of the Dark Kingdom battle.

      • Yeah to me characterization was important since that is what made everyone choose who was they favorite sailor scout and how you got see how their different personalities worked together.

  • I was kinda turned off that episode where momoru decided to kiss the unconscious girl…… but I too need to finish the series…

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