Weirdest Anime You’ve Ever Watched?

Published July 31, 2015 by Shay Taree

I think the weird anime I’ve ever watched is a tie between Aquarion 

and Glass Fleet. 

The plots of the show was interesting enough to keep me interested but once I got into the shows they got a little strange. 

Now this isn’t to say I didn’t know what I was getting into since I had heard about the shows on YouTube via a few anime panels, but once I watched them wow! Glass Fleets weirdness mostly came from the tag line that the main character says which is “feel my wind”. Hehe I still find that line pretty funny!

Now when it came to Aquarion the weirdness was definitely lines that was said in the show but also some noises that was made in the show. Aquarion is a mech show and to fight 3 ships must merge to make the Aquarion and when they merge I’m guessing it’s an orgasmic reaction since the noises the characters make sound like that. 

Once again I already knew this going into the show but still it was interesting to watch in real time.

So what’s the weirdest anime that you’ve watched? Comment down below and let me know. Also if you’ve seen the shows I’ve mention let me know what you thought of them. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


38 comments on “Weirdest Anime You’ve Ever Watched?

  • My choice is One Piece,or Mew Mew Power. One piece just had bizarreness written all over it,I mean a stretchy kid,a slender man chick,and a beaver dear thing,that becomes bigger. Mew Mew Power? Well some episodes were weird a I know the parts of manga that they got it from,but they animated it in a way to were it just looked like a random anime,which I found very offensive.

  • Bo Bo bo bobo bo….( I think there might be more Bo’s in there). It was about a big blond black guy who fought using his nose hairs. Inside his nose was a little family of boogers….They was I guy who faught with fart….I say no more…

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