Favorite Anime Crossover

Published August 14, 2015 by Shay Taree

So I for one am a huge fan of anime crossovers and I definitely have a few favorites! But first let me explain how I came across anime crossovers in general. For me I came across them in the world of fanfiction. On fanfiction.net there is actually a link where you can read crossover fanfiction and that is where I started to wonder what anime would I love to see a crossover with.
At this moment I actually have 5 anime’s that I don’t mind the crossovers of and those are Sailor Moon

Dragon Ball Z, 



and Yu Yu Hakusho. 

I’ve read a few fanfictions involving them before and I found them to be quite good. 

One of them was a crossover between Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z in which Vegeta and Usagi/Serena were the main couple. 

One is a crossover between Bleach and Inuyasha with Kagome and Ichigo as the main couple 

and the last one is Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha. 

Yes I know that many of those series being lumped together are quite weird but hey try them because some of them are quite cool.

So comment down below on what you would think of these crossovers and also what your favorite anime crossover is. I can’t wait to read them.

~Anime Reviewer Girl

10 comments on “Favorite Anime Crossover

  • Nice choices. I would like to see a crossover between Space Dandy and Cowboy Bebop. They both take place in space, and it would be funny to see how Dandy and Spike get along. I would like to see Dandy try to flirt with Faye Valentine. Hunting down people and aliens would be crazy.

  • I usually don’t delve into crossovers anymore, I did when I was younger though lol I think the thing about crossovers for me is that I don’t particularly like the pairing people make but I did read a few neat ones!

    I had two favorites that I really liked more because of the story/writing than because of the crossover, haha. Avatar the last airbender x Naruto (no pairing) – discontinued. Ranma 1/2 x Naruto (no pairing) – discontinued.

    I’ve also read a few Hogwarts x Naruto ones

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