Favorite Things About Anime Conventions?

Published September 9, 2015 by Shay Taree

As everyone knows I went to a convention this weekend and I had a whole lot of fun. But this time I’m extending this question to everyone else as far as what your favorite thing to do at conventions are? 

I know my favorite thing is to go to the different panels

, go shopping for things in the dealers room, and if there are voice actors I like trying to get their autograph. 

But what about everyone else? Comment down below on what you like to do at conventions and if you haven’t been to one yet what would you like to do?

~Anime Reviewer Girl!


27 comments on “Favorite Things About Anime Conventions?

    • Omg your going to have so much fun. One thing that definitely helped me was looking at the program guide and planning what panels I really wanted to go see.

  • we went to our first one this past weekend in sacramento…and we loved it! Our favorite thing was just people watching…we sat in the lobby of the second floor and just watched the groups meet up for photos…it was amazing…we just sat there and took pictures…can’t wait for january!

  • From the little I’ve been aquatinted with, I enjoy wearing anime-related what-have-you and not getting judge for it (or at least, not shot down).
    The merch, meeting voice actors/actresses, and the spirited cosplayers and panels are also the bomb!

    • OMG yes!!! I love wearing all my anime shirts at cons! Seeing all the panels and your favorite voice actors and voice actress is always a plus.

  • bleeding my wallet and credit card dry (so dry i need to work 2 months before I can pay everything off xD), meeting guests (VA, cosplayers, personalities, etc), and just looking at everyone’s cospaly outfits.

    sometimes, depending on the convention they’ll have special events and I have a few favorites ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Oh wow that’s so cool! I also definitely spend a lot of money when at a convention but that’s because there is just so many things to buy.

  • Live in the UK so haven’t managed to attend one yet. But if I could I would love to see all the cosplayers and hopefully meet some of my favourite voice actors

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